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Scout10 March 31, 2019 18:08

COONAN, Inc ... Vs ... Your $$$ Losses
I would like to collect some factual information on money losses suffered from unfair business practices by COONAN, Inc.

If you paid COONAN, Inc. via CC, Check, MO, CASH ?? . . . and did not receive your order would you please leave that information here.
OR PM me and I'll post the info without the handle

1. What you ordered
2. When you ordered
3. What your losses are in $$$.$$
4. Have you attempted contact since order or lack of ( yes or no )

We all have other words for the situation, but I'd ask to refrain and only include the above information.

( and this doesn't cover the unknown amount that don't post )
Or. . . drum roll . . . . . The ones that prepaid for his .357 pistol which he also ripped off for a year ! LOTS MORE !

If you know of anyone contact them so they can include their info.

I'd like to have as many as possible for the NRA / INDY 2019 show.


Scout10 March 31, 2019 18:11

What: 2ea metric type 2 / handle cut FAL receivers
When: August 28, 2018
Loss: $683.00
Contact: YES X8

Scout10 April 01, 2019 15:02

from another
1) 2 receivers (Argy & G1 custom stamped)
2) June 26th 2018
3) (approx) $1000
4) Yes

Scout10 April 16, 2019 17:15

1. Inch Pattern reciever
2. Order Placed 3/6/18
3. Paid $450 Visa
4. Attempted email, phone multiple times :(

Scout10 April 17, 2019 12:09

My order:
1. R1 Receiver
2. Order Placed 1/18/18
3. Paid $425 Mastercard
4. Attempted email, phone multiple times. Filed claim with cc company to no avail.

G3isMe April 20, 2019 12:16

1. G1 Receiver
2. December 29, 2017
3. $435
4. Multiple phone calls and I was told " will be in the next batch..." I foolishly believed that line and and I ignorantly followed up with multiple un-returned calls and voice mails, and then my feeling of disbelief settled in that they really did rip me off, and my faith in this company ended after several un-answered calls.....:facepalm:

Scout10 April 20, 2019 14:29

From Another

Date: 01/10/18 12:28:32
Merchant: Coonan, Inc.
Type: Credit Card Sale

Amount: 465.00
Description: 1x Brit/Inch FAL Receiver with custom number

Did try to contact them. Last update was in June, then silence

gennro February 22, 2020 17:21

Your card has been charged by Coonan, Inc.. Below is
your receipt of payment.

Transaction Details
Date: 01/26/18 14:28:07
Merchant: Coonan, Inc.
Type: Credit Card Sale
Invoice #:
Amount: 283.50
Description: 1x Type 3 FAL Receiver

Contact: I have lost count. Phone and by email.

raubvogel February 23, 2020 06:20

Update? We even know when their assets were sold and which auction house ( did it. Who to contact about losses?

raubvogel February 25, 2020 07:45

On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 11:27 AM info <> wrote:
> We did not sell any of the product. Only the machines and office equipment. You might try doing a UCC search to see who held their assets as collateral.
> Deborah Remillard
> Accounting Manager
> Hoff Online Auctions
> 612-234-8013 (direct)
> 612-521-9358 (fax)
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Raubvogel
> Sent: Monday, February 24, 2020 10:21 AM
> To: info <>
> Subject: Re: Contacting Coonan seller
> I was not a bidder. I am one of the many coonan customer who ordered products that were not delivered. And they kept giving us the runaround until they went dark and then closed and then assets sold.
> On Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 11:10 AM info <> wrote:
> >
> > I am not seeing you registered as a bidder. What was your bidder number and what did you buy and why didn't you get it?
> >
> > Deborah Remillard
> > Accounting Manager
> > Hoff Online Auctions
> > 612-234-8013 (direct)
> > 612-521-9358 (fax)
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Raubvogel
> > Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2020 5:34 AM
> > To: info <>
> > Subject: Contacting Coonan seller
> >
> > According to, you were the auction house who sold the Coonan Inc assets. I am one of the customers who ordered and paid for an item which was not delivered. I therefore would like to know who was the seller for the assets so I can contact them about recouping my money.
> >
> > Thank you

wanneroo February 25, 2020 10:07

Looks like they are long gone into the night.

gennro February 28, 2020 20:03

So what can be done now? I am sure we have enough here to get something going maybe email this list to the state attorneys office? I would consider this theft.

Abominog February 28, 2020 23:13

Assets are seized and used to pay debt based on date of filing.

Big dollar sales to Coonan (eg machinery) that isnít paid in full up front is typically accompanied by a UCC filing. Thatís an insurance policy in case the customer (Coonan) doesnít make payment.

Then follows those who filed for judgement. Usually suppliers not getting paid but customers can do likewise.

If youíve not filed for a judgement by now Iím sure the money is gone. Even if it isnít youíre last in line. First creditor gets paid first then it goes down the line to last to file.

Emails donít get you crap. Calls to the AG donít either. You have to file.

Where is WEG? This is law stuff. He should be splainin it.

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