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rock1013 June 03, 2003 17:35

mag release install and spring help
guys I need to finish putting together all my springs and mag release, I have not a clue where everything goes and how any guides out there? I saw the fnfiles guide I got all that stuff done but now i need help with the little stuff?


MasterBlaster June 03, 2003 17:45

try this

rock1013 June 03, 2003 18:03

nope didn't help I need all the mag release and spring locations and insertion methods.

thanks for the try...

MasterBlaster June 03, 2003 18:14

Well it is pretty simple. The mag release has a spot that the spring fits into. Then you slide the two into the ejector block slot which has a place for the other end of the spring. The screw goes through the receiver to hold the mag release in place. Noe you will have to wiggle the mag release until the screw goes through the hole then just tighten the screw. I wish I had a video for you, but I do not. If you play around with it you will figure it out.

W.E.G. June 03, 2003 20:19

To get the mag latch in place, I stick the spring in the hole on receiver, and I jam latch up in the slot where the latch is supposed to go. If the spring doesn't pop into place, I push it with a paper clip or screwdriver until it pops into place.

Next, you gotta get the mag latch screw through the bolt hold-open device. I stick a paper clip through the hole on the opposite side, and I use the paper clip to depress the little spring-plunger dingus in the bolt hold-open device. While depressing the dingus, I insert the mag latch screw from the opposite side, simutaneously pushing the paper clip out of the way. If you don't do this, you may have a helluva time trying wiggle the mag latch screw past the BHO dingus.

FTH61 February 12, 2020 20:21

Just what I needed. I didnt have a dingus depressor.
Im good now.

harleyrider February 14, 2020 10:18


Originally Posted by FTH61 (Post 4840423)
I didnt have a dingus depressor.
Im good now.



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