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dana1 February 10, 2020 01:00

Price check on Plum AK74 kit with extras, Yugo M76 No furniture kit and mag id please
Hey guys,
Can you guys give me an idea of what these kits and mags are worth?
The AK74 Kit is an excellent (looks new) matching #'s plum Bulgarian 74. If I offer these on the marketplace it will come with the Arsenal US made piston, weld in rails, US made matching plum pistol grip and a US made H/T/S set. How much should I ask for this? I also have 3 New Bulgarian 74 mags, a 40rd Galil mag and a Russian Izhmash plum 74 mag, value?
The Yugo M76 kit is in 8mm, but could be built in .308. No furniture because nice US made is available. Price for kit?
M76 mags. Wondering what these are worth now too.
M76 Kit minus furn.
M76 Mags
Fuzzy pic, sorry. M76 mag pouch w/mags.

K-fal58 February 10, 2020 23:22

Is it a complete Bulgarian Ak74 parts kit minus the orginal barrel plus the American made parts or are you saying American made parts are substituted for the orginal parts like the gas piston,furniture and HTS?Just confused by your description. Price can reflect either way.

dana1 February 11, 2020 01:20

The kit is a matching #'s, complete minus barrel kit. In addition to that, I added an Arsenal USA gas piston, new weld in rail set, a matching plum US made pistol grip, a mag stripper and guide, 2 oil bottles and a USA made H/T/S set into the deal. I figured I could sell them all together, but maybe someone will suggest posting them separately.
I also have the plum Izhmash mag that would look great on the completed plum rifle. And 3 new condition Bulgarian AK74 mags. These 4 mags could go with the parts kit if the buyer was interested in them and the price was right, or I may post them separately. Can you view the photos?
Thanks for your help,

K-fal58 February 11, 2020 23:32

Thankyou for clarifying Dana. Sounds good either way. They are in high demand and with the extra US made parts you can't go wrong. I would say around 850.00 with all the extra. A cherry
Bulgarian 74 kit just sold in my area matching with the barrel for 1200.00 which I thank was more than a fair price for most. Guys on Gun broker there asking stuped money for them and that 's why there still there. The plum 74 mag will sell . A person on here was selling those for 40 dollars a piece and still has some. I gave 40 a piece for the black Bulgarian 74 mags at Knob Creek in October. I gave 55 for Russian plum 74 mags a year ago. This will Hopefully give you a real market value . On the black bulgarian mags I would just include one with the kits for 900.00 per kit .There 45.00 at kvar.

dana1 February 13, 2020 18:32

Thank you. This gives me an idea of what to ask.
Would you post them here in the Falfiles MP? Or is GB a better option?

Riversidesports February 14, 2020 02:24


Originally Posted by dana1 (Post 4840900)
Thank you. This gives me an idea of what to ask.
Would you post them here in the Falfiles MP? Or is GB a better option?

$850 is just waaaay high

until recently Rguns still had similar Bulgarian kits in the low 300 range, they are apparently now sold out:

I have a few in black synthetic with little interest in the 500 range
did pull just under seven with a new in the wrapper KVAR bbl with two used mags

pulled 900 out of a minty original bbl kit

over a grand out of a more used original barrel Bulgarian AKS 74 side folder last year with a receiver blank

AK folks tend to be cheap, you have to have real special things to pull major coin
and it better be all "correct" & perfect otherwise you suffer negotiation after point of sale online. I for example am sitting on 4 Carl Zeiss DMR 74' optic rigs from East Germany. Near perfect condition but refuse to sell them online after two clowns in a row attempted to beat me down upon receipt. Told them, send them back...that was the end of that.

Venues ?
Well Gunjoker is one
AKfiles & AKforum too
and yes even here I guess or Strumgewher

Greg19u3 February 14, 2020 07:24

Gunbroker has m76 kits complete with wood for $449.

def90 February 14, 2020 11:19

Current Bulgarian matching no barrel fixed stock 74 kits are selling between $650 and $800. Wood stocks going on the lower end, plum plastic on the upper. Side folder no barrel kits are selling over $1000.

I should have bought a few more back when I could get them for $240.

Get an account over at the AKFiles sister site, sell the us parts separately from the kit for your best return. your parts will be gone in a day.

dana1 February 14, 2020 19:08

Thank you for all the feedback!!!

Greg19u3 February 15, 2020 06:45

Are you going to sell the m76?

dana1 February 15, 2020 17:37

PM incoming.

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