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raubvogel February 07, 2020 13:50

Hungry Timney Triggers
Someone I know bought one of those triggers for his Mauser and found out to install it required to remove a sizeable chunk of wood behind the trigger. I guess it is not a drop-in replacement, but how much weakening has that wood removal caused?

easttex February 07, 2020 14:32

Having installed a few of them myself, you don't have to carve out as much wood as you might think. You're going to have to remove a little because the housing takes up quite a bit more room than the original trigger mechanism, but not much and certainly not enough to weaken the stock.

yovinny February 07, 2020 16:59

What he said....
Most aftermarket fiberglass 96/98 Mauser stocks will fit a Timney without any further inletting required,,,unless its one of those with a slide safety also.

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