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zonkertx January 25, 2020 19:25

FAL vs. Walmart steel spinner target
Decided to plink at a little spinner steel I'd picked up awhile back at Wallyworld. Made by "Do-All Outdoors" Supposedly rated for .30-06, and 3/8" thick. It was OK with 9mm/.45ACP/5.56 in previous use on the other side of the target.

Earlier today, I took a FAL that I hadn't shot in awhile out for a function check on the "clean" side of the target to spot POI. One hit, and the target shattered! I suspect poor heat-treating after they put that weird twist on it.

Don't have the receipt anymore to return it, but I think it'll be fun to test out some 7.62 blacktip on the large piece anyway. :D

Figured y'all might be interested in, or at least amused at, the warning about this product.

hkshooter January 25, 2020 22:12

Don't need a receipt, take it back and they'll give you a new one. Or a gift card for the purchase amount.

hueyville January 26, 2020 02:51

Make sure and take that original packaging back with you. They scan the bar code with stock/inventory number and will even be able to tell you down to the minute when it was purchased, form of payment and either credit money back to card it was charged on or give gift card for total amount if paid cash.

Learned hard way they only have 30 day warranty on all electronics except televisions. While wife was confined mostly to bed for nine months following her MVA and we don't have televisions in bedrooms bought her a DVD player with 13" screen and it just seized up 29 days after I purchased it. Boxed it back in original packaging and took it back day and half later with original receipt. They scanned it and said it was purchased 31.5 days earlier and was 36 hours past it's warranty.

Explained it died 29 days after purchased but wife required 24/7 home health care and took me a couple days to get it back due to nobody available to watch wife till then for me to leave the house was able to return it. I was highly peeved and even requested a store manager whom i figured would understand my dilema and override the computer. While waiting i was considering the idea of buying another if manager didn't help then wait a week and put the one that died in its box and return as felt busting my nuts over it being 36 hours out of warranty when returned was just rude when I was a couple months into doing home health care after she was released from hospital and not very happy about their customer service.

As I contemplated the plan of buying another and switching the box while we waited for the manager the customer service rep removed the DVD player from the box and scanned the bar code on bottom of player to ensure it matched the code on the box. Asked what she was doing and told me each electronic item had a matching code on device as box to ensure people didn't buy a new unit and put the old unit in new items box to circumvent the 30 day warranty. At that point I was thinking I could just be sure to switch the bar code on machine as well or print another as have a machine that prints security bar codes and all other types of security labels for work but decided to hell with Walmart when manager refused to give me the 36 hour grace after explaining could not leave the wife alone till had someone to sit with her in case went back into a coma culd call 911.

I was determined to never go back into Walmart again but when heard they were clearancing all pistol ammo, 5.56 and any ammunition common to military style rifles figured I needed to at least see what they had. Drug my feet knowing longer it sat there the more price would drop. Sporting goods guy knows me pretty well and day I went was two weeks past their deadline to have it all gone. Up till midnight December 29 he had permission to sell whatever was left at about any price he wanted even down to 99 cents per box. At 12:01 of the 30th said he loaded about a half buggy full of handgun and rifle ammo that met the criteria of no more sales and put it all in their compacting dumpster. He said it was a shame and he would have bought it but was not allowed to reduce price and then by himself. He also said over the past two weeks their sporting goods sales were down 60% and dropping more every day. Hope they go the way of Sears and just dissappear now.

brunop January 27, 2020 00:22

Hey, zonker -

At what range did you shoot the target with your FAL?

It says "steel" on the target packaging. That's a loooong way from AR-500 - which is center-fire rifle-rated. Even then, if you're inside of 100 yards, you are punishing the AR-500.

Good review. Thanks for taking the time.

Mebsuta January 27, 2020 01:51

Saw similar at Academy today and they were for pistola only.

zonkertx January 27, 2020 09:12

I was 100 yds across my 2nd pasture. I won't get closer to a steel than that with a .308.

I've shot a lot of 3/8 steel with FALs at that range, and never had this happen. The giggle-factor was worth the purchase price of the spinner!

I'll post a pic of what AP does to the larger remaining piece, after the rains come tomorrow. There will likely be some sparks... :D

hueyville February 02, 2020 00:06

I would let the incendiary AP rain on remaining pieces, return to Walmart and complain that your "machine gun" just turned your new toy into trash. Tell them it's only 308, not 30-06 or bigger and can go get it from the truck if they want to be sure its within the rated size limit.

While I was in Walmart sporting goods manager remarked like many other customers had not seen me in a while. Told him when heard on the news that Walmart was asking people not to wear Trump hats or open carry in stores anymore I wasn't going to put on a jacket on warm day just to peruse the sporting goods section, especially now. Didn't realize man talking to him was the store manager as didn't have a tie or name badge. He told me to carry open anytime I wanted in his store and wear two Trump hats at the same time if made me happy and to spread the word. Apparently more than sporting goods sales are down at his store.

hkshooter February 02, 2020 07:25


Originally Posted by hueyville (Post 4835781)
He told me to carry open anytime I wanted in his store and wear two Trump hats at the same time if made me happy and to spread the word.


Slaughter February 21, 2020 20:42

Buddy had one of these at our local BLM shootin' spot. It was a HOOT to shoot with the .45 and 9mm. Would be simple to cut/weld up one in 3/8 steel.

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