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Invictus77 August 06, 2019 13:49

Fishing in Alaska info???
I have fished in AK numerous times, but just with friends or work colleagues who were local and lived there. Great times one and all, both salt and fresh water.

A friend found this linked website and is determined we must go do this next summer. It does sound fun I must admit :)

Any local knowledge of this particular outfit, or suggested alternatives to consider?

The wives will go as well, so consider that in any recommendations please.

TedMckay August 06, 2019 14:12

Fishing trout on the kvichak river for trophy trout, or chinooks on the nushgak is a trip of a lifetime.
I live in Alaska although I seem to spend more time gone working. If it was me I would plan a trip to the Kenai Peninsula July 20 to August 1 .
You could stay at a number of fine lodges on the Kenai River and fish sockeye and chinook and trout. You could have the lodge book you a trip out of homer for halibut and then take flight in a bush plane over to the Bristol bay drainage for a day trip or overnight.
I just spent the last two weeks in Alaska. I got the boats wet and caught a ton of sockeye and fished the salt for halibut and chinook. Whether was amazing 80/55 the whole time.

Randall August 06, 2019 14:26

I spent a week in S.E. Alaska hunting black bear and fishing with a couple buddies about 10 years back. The three of us stayed on a houseboat just off the coast of Kuiu island (just NW of Prince Of Wales island). I don't think our wives would have enjoyed that trip, as the boat was old and smelled of blood and fish guts most days. We had the time of our lives.

Alaska is a special place. I envy you. Have a great trip.

Abominog August 06, 2019 15:38

Fished halibut out of Homer. Incredible views and fishing to boot. The fish freezing plant did our halibut plus some salmon we bought and we took it as check in baggage. Under $4/lb all told.

Fishing aside, nothing beat watching a guy mow his lawn at 11:30pm.

Invictus77 August 06, 2019 15:44


Originally Posted by Abominog (Post 4770179)
Fishing aside, nothing beat watching a guy mow his lawn at 11:30pm.

Yup, I played on a customer's softball team once when the game started at 10PM on an unlit field.

They do make the most of the summer time up there while they have it!

RG Coburn August 06, 2019 20:55

...that doesn't look very rustic.....
Bet they even have hot showers. It ain't fishin' unless you grow a little stink.

FNfreak August 07, 2019 08:24

Looks like an awesome trip. Ive fished the Keni in drift boats, Halibut and Kings off of Kodiak Island and lots of small creeks and tributaries. Best fishing trips ever (ALL of them!!) Went white water rafting in Denali. The trip STARTED at 9:00pm!!! Got off the river in full daylight about 11:45pm. Crazy stuff!!!

KoKodog August 07, 2019 10:08

back in 93 I spent a week fly fishing the Alagnak river

it was the first year that Charlie Summerville established the camp,

very basic and so was the price but Charlie built it into quite a lodge

he sold it sometime since and it looks like it is doing well

pistolero1911 August 07, 2019 14:21

Never been to Alaska, about the closest I get is when I enter the food chain [as something less than the alpha] as a spear-o. Seen lots of sharks and 'cuda, but only been physically harassed by a grouper.

Stay safe and remember my favorite Alaskan quote,

"We had a dog once; something ate it."

VALMET August 08, 2019 13:14

Went on a cruise to SE Alaska back in 2015 and it was really awesome. Fishing in Alaska is high on my list of things to do and the linked outfits look like good places for me to reach out to. Thanks Invictus

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