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C2A1 November 08, 2019 17:29

Boneyard 1971
This must have been taken in late 1971. The B-26Ks where phased out in late 69 and came in after mid year in 71. I saw a B-58 get scraped.

MAINER November 09, 2019 08:32

Just a guess, B26 = Maurader? B58 = Hustler?

Always thought the 58 was a cool looking aircraft. The 26 was pretty neat too, had a back-yard neighbor that flew them out of England in WWII with the 9th Air Corp I believe.
Been meaning to do some research on that.

Always liked airplanes, built many models as a kid, never learned to fly, but did learn to shoot them down. Kind of fun, but think not as much fun as flying. ;)

Texgunner November 09, 2019 09:53

Weren't the B-26Ks the A-26 models from WWII, just reclassified?

Stoney November 09, 2019 10:19

^^^^ yes

01BIRDDOG November 09, 2019 11:48

A friend of mine had a A-26 back in the early 60's. When he sold it he had to top off fuel as part of the deal. Said it was more than he paid for it. I remember a BT-13 here on a grass strip that no one was sure who owned it and anyone could fly it for fuel. They wanted to sell it but due to no paperwork it was cut up on the spot and sold for scrap. Man the good old days.

C2A1 November 09, 2019 12:15

Civie version of the On Mark B-26K. Does anyone know what the orange handle is to the left of the co pilot?

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