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KoKodog June 27, 2019 17:55

it has been asked for a long time
capture of a 1870 census

and it asks for place of birth,

so what is so bad about question #10 ?????

It wants to know if you are a US citizen


V guy June 27, 2019 18:08

Roberts and his court are against Trump, and anything that he does. May God damn a man who refused to do his assigned job and shifts it back to some lower court, to analyze the reasons why the question was going to be asked. That is queer bait style rhetorical questioning, and an illegal use of the Judicial power.

Motivation for anything is hardly anything to know, as if questioning a criminal, like Hillary, for motivation to commit fraud and deceit to steal an election, would make a difference.

They know the reason why we are asking the question, and it is to identify law breaking illegals, as if the illegals would provide the truth anyway.

To be matter of fact, no illegal wants to fill out a census form, out of fear that the address is a dead giveaway for ICE to check out.

Things are not going to go well for illegals, even if some cretin like Hillary wins..............they will go after the illegals, like Obama did.

It will be a court superior to SCOTUS that eventually fixes things....the court of public opinion, and the illegals are going to go.

2barearms June 28, 2019 06:39

So the bright spot is gerrymandering....if you canít beat them get rid of their district.....Shejack Lee is one that needs to happen to. What a piece of Haitian shit.

They really do seem to being taking shots at trump on the court.

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