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rodom February 17, 2012 21:21

New FAL member
I just wanted to give a shout out to the Ohio member here. Pretty new to the FAL Files, but not the firearms world. I bought a Sarco kit, and will order a Coonan reciever soon. Anybody in northest Ohio doing a Build Party? Had a great offer form a fella down towards the Ohio river but I'd like to do something a little closer to home if possible. Can't wait to start putting the barrel to the reciever. I've already assembled the front half and taken it apart twice! Someone said this is an addiction, and they were right!

spider991 February 18, 2012 23:22

I sure wish we would get more Ohio guys in this, im all the way down Cincinnati/Dayton southwest Ohio area and i can't build a rifle..

rodom February 18, 2012 23:48

Ohio Members
Well, I'm gonna try. I ordered the reciever, and it's gonna take so long to get here it'll give me time to get a receiver wrench and barrel vise lined up. I'm gonna have to purchase the go/no go gauges and the pins necessary for the Locking shoulder, unless someone rents such things. ANd if I have them, it'll be a great temptation not to build another. Somebody here keeps mentioning an addiction, but I don't have it. Well, maybe a little bit.

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