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Impala_Guy February 15, 2020 22:41

Large German liner lock auto
Recently came into this Hubertus 4in blade large auto knife. Scales appear to be natural color buffalo horn with nickel bolsters. Is it sound practice to store these with the spring compressed or should it only be carried this way and stored open? Appears nearly new despite my lousy flash photos and the blade appears never to have been used or sharpened. Whats it worth?

308/223shooter February 15, 2020 22:55

I found a WWII auto opener combat knife at a estate sale. It was dusty, and had been kept folded in a drawer for years. When I pressed the lever, it snapped open just like it was new. Was the best $25.00 I ever spent.

JAB75 February 17, 2020 14:19

If you can find them, they usually are $200-$300 retail. Storing them locked and loaded is not an issue.



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