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Artful July 23, 2019 05:59

Tippmann M4 22 any good?
Anyone have experience with Tippmann's M4 22?

Artful August 01, 2019 23:37

Well, guess we will find out one of the Appleseed M4-22's is on the way

Timber Wolf August 02, 2019 17:06

Bud and his sweetie have two, I have shot one and it was OK. Trigger could be better but I had no trouble shooting score with it my first time. The mags are interesting, but proprietary I think. I have the CMMG conversion and a dedicated .22 AR on their system so am eat up with CMMG compatible mags. So as much as I might like a Tippmann myself I will pass. That and I can shoot one of my budís one weekend a month if I choose.;)

Artful August 07, 2019 01:00

Well, fit and finish is less than expected for the cost, the rifle shipped without magazines in the box - it was supposed to come with two of them.

They were less then apologetic about the issues, did finally get the magazines today - I did check on him telling me that all the Tippmann rifles have the same "casting' flaws checked 3 other rifles and yep all are like that.

Rented a Tippmann at a range and used their magazine to check function.
100 percent reliable with first 100 rounds of CCI mini-mags.

I do like the sights and trigger was pretty good. I found modifications needed to be to fit some aftermarket AR parts to the Tippmann.

The rifle runs pretty clean - just the front of the bolt and and the magazine seems to be coated with fouling.

Now that the magazines showed up (and they are proprietary, we can run it harder and see how it works out.

Artful September 02, 2019 01:13

Be Aware many parts on the Tippmann are proprietary and won't be replaced easily with aftermarket "mil-spec" compatible parts. :facepalm:

Find the same thing in the GSG clone stuff like slide release in the SIG Sauer 1911-22 pistol.

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