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Jarhead504 January 08, 2020 09:07

What is Your Favorite/Best Bladed Multitool?
I know you are not supposed to support Leatherman because of their anti-gun stance but the steel mill I once worked at gave everybody one for Christmas. It's a large one with plenty lades/tools and IIRC the price was around $70 retail back in 2010 when I got it. I had several other workers who got there after Christmas that constantly bothered me to sell it to them; like for nothing. It got so annoying I stopped bringing it to work and just left it home.

Since the board is firing away with "what's the best...?, I would seriously like to know you guys think is the best multitool readily available? I see Gerbers at the Walmart and Academy but I'm wondering if they are just another piece of Chinese trash. or do they last? Worth the money? Is SOG Chinese too?

All help is truly appreciated.


starbuck January 08, 2020 09:30

I carry an explorer plus vic in my watch pocket at work. I have a leatherman wave but I never have it on me. I don't think they make the plus version anymore but you can buy the scales yourself and put them on.

TNAndy January 08, 2020 09:38

I'd have to say the one I actually carry with me would be my favorite. It's chained to my car keys so it's with me everywhere I go...except on planes.

W.E.G. January 08, 2020 11:18

The pliers are the “reason” for every “multitool”

The pliers on every multitool suck worse than the cheapest dollar-store pliers.

W.E.G. January 08, 2020 11:23

After the pliers on several multi-tools failed me, I began carrying a medium sized set of vise-grip needle-nose pliers in my pack.

Those pliers have been more useful than I ever would have imagined.

By orders of magnitude.

A pocket knife with a decent file, and a flat-head, and Phillips-head screwdriver has some utility.

yellowhand January 08, 2020 11:59

Little Swiss Army knife,,,thing works,,small,,handy,,,for pliers,,,I just use pliers.:biggrin:

Would an old Gerber Mk1 be considered a multi-tool??:whistling:
Never mind.:biggrin:

mike minihan January 08, 2020 13:18

Sog multi plier for me.

harleyrider January 08, 2020 17:12


Originally Posted by W.E.G. (Post 4827023)
The pliers are the “reason” for every “multitool”

The pliers on every multitool suck worse than the cheapest dollar-store pliers.

I don’t know WEG, I’ve had no problems with the pliers on my Leatherman Pulse that I’ve used daily for the last few years, as well as the pliers I had on a Gerber version before that. Prolly wouldn’t be my first choice if I was an electrician or mechanic that uses longnose pliers continuously as part of their profession, but these have held up just fine for my purposes.😜


RG Coburn January 08, 2020 20:59

Currently carrying a Leatherman I found on the highway during the summer. I have probably 5 or 6 other Leathermans of different models,and a couple Gerbers. The Gerbers are okay,but lack a saw blade,which I often use. I use the hell out of the pliers,and though,yes,they aren't comparable to a set of Channelocks or visegrips,they are better than having nothing at all,and better than Chinese crap.
Thing I don't like is those multitools with convertible blades. Have a Supertool that has a file on it that has that "quick-change" feature. Its loose and flimsy feeling. Its suppose to allow you flexibility in choosing tools best suited for your needs,but for me,falls short.

Black Blade January 08, 2020 21:40

I have a couple Leatherman Core tools I had for several years. Very useful for me when working out in the patch. Think I also have a Gerber in my tool box somewhere too. Oh yeah, just found a Shrade in my glove box. ;)

Redoubt January 08, 2020 22:00

About 15 years ago I my hands on the Gerber diesel multi tool over seas and Ive purchased a few of them over the years back home.
I like them because how tough they are and I can flip them out one handed.
I keep one in my fishing boat, hunting pack, bug out bag, tool belt at work etc..

Randall January 09, 2020 12:44

I've got two.
The first one is the Leatherman Micra Tool. I keep it on my key ring, and it goes with me almost everywhere. You'd be surprised what that little tool has been able to fix. You'd also be surprised how many times I have had one confiscated by TSA at an airport. As I said, almost everywhere.

The other lives in my Sail bag, and gets strapped on when I'm sailing. It is the Leatherman Wave model. It handles most emergencies while on a boat.

Tip_drill January 09, 2020 12:54

MP600 .....Just because it came with the cleaning kit i bought for my Mforgery.

lockjaw January 12, 2020 09:23

I have parkerized Gerber MP600 multi-tools in every vehicle, and randomly found in drawers in house, garage and workshop. Uncle Sugar has been handing them out since my first tour in Iraq (still have my very first one in my range kit), and they started showing up in 5.56 cleaning kits a few years ago.

It is a solid tool, it works as designed.

Tuhlmann January 12, 2020 16:16

I assembled a complete Imbel parts kit and barreled the receiver using only a Leatherman Wave one time. True story. Barely even had to use the file any. :shades:

ByronF January 12, 2020 20:23


Originally Posted by Tuhlmann (Post 4828572)
I assembled a complete Imbel parts kit and barreled the receiver using only a Leatherman Wave one time. True story. Barely even had to use the file any. :shades:

You need the hammer on the MUTT if you are going to properly peen the barrel shoulder. All the pros know that.

I welded a FH to a 14.5" barrel using the flint striker.

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