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mp November 16, 2019 16:34

New to .50 BMG
Late to the game, but I am officially a bolt action BMG owner. The new rookie needs guidance to avoid pitfalls. Teach me!

nitro450exp November 17, 2019 17:52


Me too, m82A1 in 416 Barrett and 50.
Did you get any feedback?


K. Funk November 18, 2019 17:29

I have a Barret M82A1 and an Anzio single shot. Not too much in terms of pitfalls, just be mindfull of your ammo. If shooting surplus, avoid the Dominican and others that are known to blow up guns.


raubvogel November 20, 2019 12:20

Have a big wallet.
Oh wait, those rounds cost less than some boutique ones.

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