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December 07, 2001, 13:33
Just bought a new (never issued) L1A1 SLR made by Enfield in 1960. It was stockpiled in Fauklands until recently. My questions are these: 1. How do I field-strip it for cleaning? 2. Which is the best scope mounting system to use for a conventional scope? 3. How can I make the trigger better (I have some gunsmithing experience and can hone triggers)? 4. Where can I get an FAL 3-position trigger group (I am not in US)? Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to shooting this thing. It was one of the last items I needed for my '20th century British service rifles' series.

December 07, 2001, 14:15
Are you the same Monkeyman that posts on the GOGO Varmint board? To field strip it, unlock the selector lever at the back, remove the bolt carrier and slide, clean bore etc etc. They don't need as much lube as an AR15. The gas plug is removed by pressing in and twisting around the gasplug. Clean the carbon off the plug and piston, but do not leave any oil on the gas piston! The best mount is supposedly the DSA mount, but I personally prefer to keep scopes on my bolt guns, no scopes on mine. The 3 position trigger group might be tricky, I don't think a lot of the L1A1's were set up for fully automatic firing, unlike the metric FAL's, but not sure. Check www.fnfal.com (http://www.fnfal.com) (home page, not this forum) for more info, there is a lot.

December 07, 2001, 15:38
Yes Hagar, same Monkeyman. Didn't have an SLR until today and only discovered this board while searching for general FAL info. Thanks for the input.

December 08, 2001, 03:38
now to figure out if there are more for sale and where to store them offshore the USA :/