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jim izzy
December 06, 2001, 14:52
Hi - Been lurking on this board for a while, decided to get into the game.

What motivated me to get into FAL building is the HB Izzy kit that my father bought about 4 years ago for $120 (!! back in the day :D ).

I was hesitant to start with that, so I got a DSA G1 kit and have a Entreprise type 3 on the way. I really like the G1 and figured it would be a good gun to start with.

Well, of course, this is like crack cocaine or potato chips, one isn't enough. I REALLY want a light barrel Izzy kit, but I haven't seen any out there. My plan is to make a clone with the handguards on a metric gun, like many do.

Sooooo, here's my question:

Does ANYONE know of a light barrel Izzy kit out there?

Does anyone know of a decent source for Light barrel handguards and buttstock? I saw FAC advertising them for $70, is that a good deal (looks like it)? What is the difference between light and HB hand guards? I imagine the metal is different b/c of the heavy barrel, but is the wood the same?

Last, what do I need to do to adapt them to a metric parts kit? Any one better than o another, or closer to Izzy? G1 vs Imbel?

Lastly, any comments on Gunthing's Aussie L1A1? I dig the wood set on those. Any other decent L1A1 sources? (I got it BAD)

Any suggestions would be appreciated - I know a bunch of folks have already been down this road.

December 06, 2001, 15:02
SARCO had Israeli LB stock and handguard sets new for 40 bucks a few weeks ago,.. they caused quite a stir and people on here were buying lots of them,.. I got one set,.. they're perfect. You'll need to buy some additional hardware,.. front ferrule,.. buttplate and swivel,.. you'll also need to buy two handguard spacers,.. all of this can be had from gunthings,.. DSA, and ARS.

True Israeli LB kits are pretty scarce,.. I've not seen any for sale, but you can build a cosmetic clone of them from any metric FAL parts kit. When you select the barrel for your kit, make sure that it has a full length, screwed in gas tube,.. the short, brazed in type will leave your gas rod return spring exposed through the top of the Israeli handguards.

Have fun!,.. and kiss your savings account good bye,...

December 06, 2001, 16:23
Jim, John Hudgens has one or two izzy std. barrel kits left, and maybe one heavy barrel kit

give him a call

happy huntin

jim izzy
December 07, 2001, 14:07
Av, thanks for the guidance. I did talk to John, he has ONE Izzy LB left, not all original parts but sounds like it's in top notch condition. Asking $925 I think ... was too steep for me.

He pointed me to SARCO for handguard set (They still have 'em, folks) and I ordered 2 sets :) . John was able to supply all of the CORRECT Izzy fittings for the butt stock.

Thanks for the help.

December 07, 2001, 14:23
good deal Jim, glad to help
Ive been told that only 500-600 izzy std kits ever made it to the states, needless to say they now bring a premium price for one of any quality. John is the only person I know of that has even the one for sale.


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