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November 14, 2003, 06:51
Seeking Your Comments: On 9/11 media blackout for upcoming OP-ED piece.

I am writing an Op Ed that I will submit to major newspapers to counter the media's clamor of "Show us the bodies" at Dover AFB and demands to cover the private family ceremonies at Arlington. A juxtaposition piece re; the news blackout of the 9/11 images. Why is it OK too show these but not OK to show the footage of 9/11?

I would like to incorporate some of your thoughts and comments in it. A LOT of intelligent and articulate folks here, and I respect MANY of your opinions. (No names will be reveled in public)

Basically, need in depth comments on how you may feel about the media censoring the images and coverage of 9/11 because they are "too disturbing, and, it may incite anger among the populous," [sic]!

Who came up with this policy within "the media"?

What "right" do "THEY" have to tell us what is too disturbing to view?

Why is it OK to demand to encroach on the grief of the fallen warriors family to incited antiwar sentiment, but, not to show the carnage of 9/11( i.e. images of those leaping to their deaths to escape the twin towers inferno for instance) to remind us of the evil we are fighting to strengthen our national resolve? Etc.? Or, anything else you think pertinent.

Post em here or PM or Email me.

Thanks in advance.


November 14, 2003, 08:20
9/11 SHOULD be disturbing!! 3000 innocent people were murdered, some dying in ways too horrible to contemplate. THAT IS disturbing and anyone who is NOT disturbed is themselves dead. I remain angry and have nothing but contempt for ANYONE who is NOT angry about what transpired that day! We should be reminded DAILY of this act of war. The public SHOULD be angry and the media SHOULD make certain people remain angry and demand retribution. We MUST prevent another attack - and the only way to do that is through overwhelming FORCE against the enemies of civilization.

To with hold those images is criminal disrespect for those who suffered and died that day. The left wing media wants us to forget and forgive so they can oppose any action against the idiots that did this and those who wish to repeat it. I reject that notion as I reject the media morons that promote it.

Quite frankly, I believe America's response has been too weak. I agree with what we have done but not with the low level of violence or the countries ignored such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran. It is time for our enemies to become aware that an attack on America will result in a level of death and destruction that no people can endure. The Japanese learned that painful lesson in August 1945 - and the death toll at Pearl Harbor, a military target, was LOWER than 9/11!! 9/11 was a battle in a war. We are still at war with these people. They remain hostile and committed to destruction of America, and our loved ones. Until they surrender and sue for peace, I want THEIR destruction. Nuclear destruction should be the method applied, just as it was in 1945.

November 14, 2003, 08:39
I too think it is time to move on with regards to the 911 tragedy. However, I would be interested in knowing how many Al Quada, Iraqis, Afghani, and Taliban figheters have been killed as result of our efforts.

Mine is not morbid curiousity but, rather in knowing if our efforts have been (are) truely effective. A simple bang for the bucks analysis/comparison similar to the evening news during VietNam. I am amazed that in the roughly two-years of this conflict that "We" haven't learned of these numbers.

November 14, 2003, 10:40
I agree with MM

November 14, 2003, 11:28
Sailor, I gotta STRONGLY, but respectfully, disagree. The time to "move on" from the 9/11 Terrorist Attack is when We {U.S.} can be reasonably assured that nothing like it will happen again. When we've made our enemies so afraid of US that they won't even speak ill of US, let alone attack us or our Allies, then we can think about "Movin' on".

November 14, 2003, 13:06
Originally posted by ThunderGod
Sailor, I gotta STRONGLY, but respectfully, disagree. The time to "move on" from the 9/11 Terrorist Attack is when We {U.S.} can be reasonably assured that nothing like it will happen again. When we've made our enemies so afraid of US that they won't even speak ill of US, let alone attack us or our Allies, then we can think about "Movin' on".

I agree, but I'm afraid that would never happen, at least not with anyone left there and quite a few other places breathing.

Little known, totally unreported item, I wouldent know except for still having family in Brooklyn. For Arab section of down town Brooklyn, just miles from the WTC, 9/11 was a celebration. Arabs were out celebrating and dancing in the streets that evening. That is untill AMERICANS started reprisals, shooting and beating any that they found on the street. Somehow this never made it in any of the news, even in NY, imagin that :rolleyes: YOOO VINNY

November 14, 2003, 19:00

(not to pick on ya :D, but....
Yeah...Everybody...except the Demonrats! :mad:

Time to move on?....
Sure..from Iraq toSyria, then Jordan, N.Korea, Iran.......DON'T get over it; Get used to it.
Keeping on "track" in this odd-ball Terrorism war is sorta like a diet or quitting smoking. Gotta akeep an "edge" goin'. Remember the end game, keep yer eyes on the prize!
Lackadaisical, CRS morons (Democrat, Liberals, Socialists), that forget the ATTACK on our country, and want to relegate it to some committee or other, need to be reminded.In

As for the rest of the world....
They should quake in thier tents/hovels.... the U.S. Marines/ Army/Navy/Airforce/CG
IS coming for them! Mebbe not today, or tomorrow. But soon!
Then we'll have Peace...when the rest of the world is too F'N scared to F*#K w/us! Fair, even-handed, and Terrible! Screw the first two.. let's just be "terrible" for a while; then we'll sort out the sheep from the goats. We've spent too miuch time being "fair and even-handed". Let's get the job done!


November 14, 2003, 19:11
Those that so quickly forget need to be reminded daily of what was done to our nation and especially those that were killed. Those that would take the type of action that was taken that day need to be destroyed. If people would remember the events of that day by seeing those pictures, I believe that more would support the war on terror.

Instead people have forgoten the details and moved on to "The Batchler", or "American Idol", or some other useless "program". The media cannot put those pictures back on the air or in the newspapers, because heaven forbid thy show any kind of support for the president, or for the troops fighting.

Just my .02

Hebrew Battle Rifle
November 14, 2003, 19:36
I am of the opinion that Mickey Mouse has, so far, made the most compelling argument for displaying the images of the event that took place on Sept 11, 2001. I am not so sure that the images of our fallen warriors should not be displayed as well.
While I understand that we as a people should be respectful of the families of our honored dead, we as a people need to be reminded that this war is not without cost. We as a people have become accustomed to reports of our military might and have taken technology for granted. We as a people have obsorbed the "hollywood" image of bloodless victories. Images of stand off bombers, cruise missles, and smart bombs. Push button victories are achieved only in the movie studios. Real world victories are hard fought and hard won.
We need to know that the cost of victory is great. We need to know that the cost of freedom is great. We also need to know that the cost of defeat is far greater. So, I say, display all of the images.

There is another benefit to displaying the images of our fallen heros. We The People will have no choice but to realize that it DOES matter whom we elect to represent us in Congress and in the White House.

November 14, 2003, 22:14

November 14, 2003, 22:35

November 16, 2003, 05:53
So where do you draw the line, if any? How would you feel if the pic / video was of a loved one? Maybe of them falling to their death? How about after they splat on the street?

I know these people died horrible deaths, I don't need to see pics & video of it anymore.

November 16, 2003, 06:03
Point is not the showing, or not showing, of the images.

The argument is why is OK to continually cover one side while censoring the other?

Do we have freedom of the press or not? If so, all coverage should be open and accessible.

If we object to something shown we can vote with or feet.

At least that is the crux of my theme.

My personal feeling is that ALL the networks; and radio stations, should run the tapes just as things occurred on 9/11, for a full 24 hrs. on every 9/11 from here on out.. Starting at the time of the strike on the first tower that morning to allow us to recall what that horror felt like, and, to remind us that we are indeed in a world wide war with people who will not shirk their resolve at public opinion (as some are already doing here) to do even worse to us. Anger is a great motivator to sustain a nation thru the long haul.

November 16, 2003, 08:33
Seeing one's loved ones leaping to their death would certainly be unpleasant. Those people may CHOOSE not to watch. I have NO argument with that decision.

However, those folks must not have died in vain. The images of their deaths should be used as necessary to make sure there are not thousands more who suffer the same fate. Of course it is disturbing seeing a human go "slat" on the sidewalk. More correctly, it is horrible!! The thought of thousands more doing so is MORE horrible! I don't want that to happen. DO you?

Let us remember those who died 9/11. Not just the jumpers, but those slowly roasted alive, ones crushed and broken, trapped in pockets where they could not be rescued but took time to die. How about the passengers on the planes as they realized their fate? Do you think they suffered as the buildings loomed in the windows? Maybe those with their throats slashed lived a bit too long in agony? There is plenty of horror from that day. I intend to honor every one of those victims by remembering them and what was done to them and by who. I will not forget them. I will not forgive those who did it. I will not be PC or political in trying to sweep it under the rug.

I also will not accept the flawed opinion of those like sailor who think it is "time to move on". It will NEVER be time to "just move on". We are at war. We have lost a major battle, as we have in the past. It is time to make the enemy lose the rest of the battles and the war. Let not the battle at home for honor and patriotism be lost as well!

November 16, 2003, 10:00
I believe we should see the carnage. Frequently. And as unpopular as this would be, we should see the remains on the sidewalk, as 'human pancakes' as one of the NYFD put it.


We all need to be reminded just what is real and what the stakes REALLY are. The news media, heck, TV in general has numbed us down to the point that we see murders on movies or in TV programs as no big deal. We, as a society NEED to see the horror. We need to feel the emotions involved with seeing such atrocities so we can indeed KNOW what is right and wrong--and feel the satisfaction in achieving justice no matter what the cost.

We, as a nation, no longer have the stomach for war. I can only imagine the outcry if something such as a battle that occurred in Vietnam ever happened now. The lives lost to date while we have been in Iraq are, while terrible to the families, a small number compared to the soldiers lost in a battle in Nam. Let's not even get into the casualties amounted in battles in WW2.

We have been 'dumbed down' or 'politically corrected' that all activities such as this are evil. We teach our children that playing war is unacceptable. BUT, we must change this thinking. While war is indeed a vile activity, it is a necessary evil as long as there are countries, groups or people intent on depriving us of our life and liberty. For us to lead the way in disarmament is foolish when no one else is following in our footsteps. I feel that President Bush made his biggest blunder EVER in saying that the war in Iraq was over. It sure isn't seen that way by our enemies.

It is for these reasons that we need to be constantly reminded as to the real nature wof war, and to the reasons why we are doing this. Respectfully, show the losses.

November 16, 2003, 10:22
The old media has a stake in discrediting this war to support there favorite political party. Hence the eagerness to report deaths. If they can constantly show images, that would be better for their agenda. There are no WMDs and Bush lied is the central theme. Oh, I forgot to mention buzzword Halliburton too.

Imagine if we said let's "move on" after Pearl Harbor. I consider this attack worse as it was directed at civilians. "Moving on" will only guarantee the return of bread and circuses, ensuring another attack on our soil. And you can bet the Islamo-fascist do not plan on "moving on" either.

Here is yet another reason not to "move on":
link to moveon.org if you can stomach it (http://www.moveon.org)

November 16, 2003, 12:08
Some of the comments have given me pause to reflect on the topic. To shine the opposing light, and make some comparisons.

As thinking Humans, we tend to block out or minimalize repeated "nasty" images, thoughts and occurances. An example might be the Isreali's; that after so-o-o-o much violence on thier street, have become innured to it. If the effect of viewing the horrible was cumulative; they wouldn't be in the position ther're in. Either good or bad...the Palis/homocide-bombers would be vapor by now.

Same w/us. After Ruby Ridge,Waco, etc. shouldn't we be on the ramparts with torches, rakes and shovels??
Naw! "It don't mean nuthin", a phrase repeated here several months ago to describe just the condition I'm trying to understand.

I know I'm subject to this phenomenon. Just ask my wife! After 32 yrs of wedded bliss, I can truthfully say that there are some words/phrases that I tend to "tune out" Granted, this is not on the same scale; not even in the same room; but the similarity is curious.

Not the Stockholm Syndrome, which seems to ally the victim to his captor, but just "Oh! More DBs and clean-up..Well, off to work/market/school." !

So where does it end?

Will it take just one more bus bombing in Jerusalem to cause the Isreali's to "crack", and go on a rampage? Will it take one more Waco for us to do the same? How many times will the U.S have to be assaulted untill the likes of E. Kennedy and C. Schumer "get it", and get off thier obstructionist butts?
The Patriot Act *does* have some rather Draconian possibilities, but like the boiling frog; will we know when to jump?

The media's reluctance to show one example and not the other *could* be construed as a "plot" to heat up the water one more notch; in a direction "they" want it to go. As much as I'd like to be able to pin this nefarious conspiracy one one group, and find the wizened, little old puppet-master pulling the strings...it isn't gonna happen.

Just as the Dems/Liberals have a philosophy of tax and spend, bigger .gov, etc , and we have our own more conservative bent; the grand picture is the same. World dominance under the banner of militant Islamist, or freedom of individuals via whatever gov't can make it work?

Good or bad, right or wrong; just two sides of the same coin. But, EVIL, I can recognize. So can Yassir, Teddy and the talking heads on the nightly news. How they percieve it, and how they present it is the question.

It's only a little bit evil, or that bus load of school children is only a little bit dead...while Mr. Wheeler in MD IS a bad, evil man for having such thoughts about another person/race. I guess "spin" is still the current word for it?

Until the demographics fall more to our side, and a philosophy of truth and justice, without the political "gameing" usually involved, is evident; we just have to keep the faith and press on.

Let your will be know to those in power. Vote with you wallets and feet. Babs Streisand didn't like it much when her Reagan movie was dumped, but she got the message. She squealed like the proverbial stuck pig, but she got it, nontheless. Look at Geraldo! Either "we " did a good job with the "embedded reporter" program or he's playing to the bigger market. Either way, it seems to indicate "we're" winning, no?

Until the mass media starts showing both sides equally/proportionally, I'd rather see nothing at all. I *CAN* remember just fine w/o the pix on TV!


November 16, 2003, 18:02
Originally posted by Ricketts
Let's not even get into the casualties amounted in battles in WW2.

I feel that President Bush made his biggest blunder EVER in saying that the war in Iraq was over. It sure isn't seen that way by our enemies.

It is for these reasons that we need to be constantly reminded as to the real nature wof war, and to the reasons why we are doing this. Respectfully, show the losses.

(post snipped by Firestarter.)

Ricketts brings up a great point!

How about just one battle...just one from WWII.
Iwo Jima (sulfur island)

We underestimated the Nips pretty badly on that one.

We sent 70,000 Marines to a sausage mill!

All for a 5 mile scab in the Pacific.

We won't have as many casualties in however damn long we stay in Iraq as we had in the month that our boys died the heroes death there.

I do not think that Bush made a mistake...he was just misunderstood in the context of what he said. We are in a different phase... the rebuilding of Iraq...nobody said that it would be easy!

We don't even have 500 dead yet...that IS a success! I am sick of people thinking that we have had too many GI die.

Any death in itself is a tragedy...but the liberal media and bleeding heart left want to pull out rather than finish the mission that we are all committed to!

At least the Iraqi insurgents are not eating our boys!

They are not dining on thigh meat and liver!

They are not bayoneting our soldiers and beheading them!

They are not cutting the flesh from them and throwing them into a ditch alive...just for the reason of keeping the rest of the meat fresh for a few more days until they die!

We DO need to be reminded of that day (911) ...that evil day....lest history repeats itself once again!