View Full Version : WTK: any hardened areas on lower receiver?

Bob Bishop
April 10, 2001, 13:02
I am getting my Imbel lower receiver in shape (along with the rest of the parts) to send to one of the board gunsmiths to be assembled into a complete FAL. The usual things are being done to this lower: stripping of parts and removal of existing finish. I am also planning to lightly stone out some of the nicks/dings which it acquired over the years to give it that as-issued "new" look. Are there any portions of the lower receiver which have been hardened and I need to stay away from?



April 10, 2001, 13:25
Bob: I have wondered this also. I notice that on many DSA rifles there is a line on the lower where the park changes color, just like their uppers. If it hasn't been heat treated, then why the color change?...CC

April 10, 2001, 15:30
That line also appears on three STG-58 lower receivers that I've seen. It still appears even after sandblasting. A thread about it speculated that it was either hardened or annealed.

April 16, 2001, 04:36
Yup, there were prior posts about the heat treatment lines on the lowers.

Some have actually sent the rifles to be re-finsihed only to still see those off color areas.

Possibly, the only really good solution would be to metal cote or something like that, as opposed to park and blue.