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December 05, 2001, 10:00
Sorry if this is covered somewhere already but I haven't seen it. Where can I find some documentation on which FAL/L1A1 rifles were legally imported into the US? I'd like a basic understanding of which models were imported, the time frames they were imported and the approximate quantities. I'm aware of the well documented list of 1800+ G series FAL's that were imported in the early 60's but I'm looking for a more complete picture. I'm only interested in original imports, not part guns assembled in the US. Thanks!

December 05, 2001, 10:14
Interesting questions for a new member. Tell us about yourself.

December 05, 2001, 10:29
Gee, I feel like the spotlight is suddenly turned on and I'm being grilled ;-)

I'm a collector of military firearms. I like to collect firearms that are in original condition, hence I don't have any interest in copies or parts guns. I don't specialize in any particular firearm but rather I like to have a representative sample of many arms. I had not ventured into FAL/L1A1 territory before but it's now time so I've been trying to do a little research. I stumbled across the official documentation on the G series rifles and the wording of it makes one think that little if anything other than the G series were legally imported. However there seems to be plenty of other FAL's for sale (if one is willing to pay the high prices) so I wanted to learn more about the import history. If I were to pay big bucks for an original I'd want to make darn sure it was something that was here legally. Any help in understanding the history of imports into the US would be helpful.

Douglas Wozny
December 05, 2001, 10:36
I have three (maybe four) FAL's that were imported into the USA as complete rifles. oone imported by Gun South(?) marked Stery(?)and Browning Arms Co. . A Para imported by Howa(?). A Australian L1A1 import by Poyer (one of I believe 150) and a SAR-48 by Springfield Armory Inc. I am not sure if the SAR-48 was imported as a complete rifle or if imported in parts and assembled by Springfield Armory, Inc. in the USA. Will provide more information later tomight.
The Wizard

December 05, 2001, 10:37
Stevens' book cover the 1800 G-series, and a bit more. Skennerton's book (SLR) also covers the Australian imports, although I don't know that these are exclusively 'Poyer' imported. Onyx and ArmsCorp (IIRC) also imported L1A1 rifles, both Australian and British.

Welcome here. There is some info tin the FAQs forum on your Q, try there first,and then ask some specific questions if you know them. If not, post a Q and we'll try to help!


December 05, 2001, 10:59
Armscore also imported the Izzy guns on the type 3/1( don't know what else to call it) receiver