View Full Version : Kowa spotting scopes?

Odd Gibbs Shooter
September 08, 2003, 23:12
Have any of you guys had any experience with them? good, bad?
Used one this weekend helping out at the local range. I am impressed.
The model I used was a TSN-821M, 82mm objective. Not sure what power it was.

Looks like they are around the $500 mark.

September 09, 2003, 08:01
Kowa glass is excellent. Serious high power shooters use Kowa (among other brands). They are highly regarded by the people I know who own one. It would be tough to do any better than a Kowa for the money they charge.

September 09, 2003, 08:49
I have a 611 and am very happy with it.

Get the long eye relief eyepiece.

September 09, 2003, 09:02
Kowa makes excellent optics. Years ago they were a leader in the photo industry, now they manufacture primarily optics for scientific and medical purposes. They make better stuff than Nikon ad are on par with any of the large German companies like Leica or Zeiss. E real sleeper.

phil in indy
September 09, 2003, 09:36
I have that exact model, and although I am far from a "serious" target shooter I really love that piece of glass. The eyepiece could have been a variable power but more than likely it was a fixed power 27X. The price that you quoted also does not include the eyepiece. I purchased mine through Adorama, but a lot of people say that the warranty is no good through them because it is a gray market scope (whatever the hell that means). But how often is your glass going to go bad.