View Full Version : Close call!!!

AZ Dave
September 04, 2003, 19:22
This is gonna sound kinda funny but I had an allergic reaction the other day when I sucked a gnat down my windpipe. I guess the little bugger figured,if I'm gonna die,I'm taking this big goon down with me. Within 15 min. I couldnt even talk.I was walking across the turbine deck at work and sucked the little varmint right down. Got to ride in the ambulance....woohoo!!!!! I'm ok now except for all the ribbing from the guys at work......bunch of knuckleheads..... When you ca'nt breathe, FAL's dont even enter your mind... haha remember......keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!

September 04, 2003, 20:02
had a friend who had a friend who was allergic to bee stings. he sucked one in and it stung him in the throat.....he died two hours later after his throat swelled up.

I hate bugs!!

September 04, 2003, 20:53
Glad your OK, had something like this happen to me, since then, as I hunt and hike alone, I carry a few Benedryl, something bites take two.

A "Chihuahuan Desert " Tiny Scorpian got me once, you know the little clear ones, maybe 2" long, Benedryl and 6 hours of Sweats and delirium I was OK, Doc said I'd be Dead without the Benedryl.

Benedryl; Don't leave home without it..

Glad your OK.:bow: