View Full Version : L/FN? How does one contact him for parts?

Stg 58
April 10, 2001, 00:03
need to get a locking shoulder from him. How do i find him?

April 10, 2001, 01:03
try Larronda@springhill-online.net

I got the address off of a business card. It has been a while and I am not sure if it is current.

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Bruce J
April 10, 2001, 01:20
I spoke to larry today (lives about 15 min away), his email is mostly shot.

As long as you call during reasonable hours (Central time), you can reach him at his home phone. Email me if you want his number.

If you are ever in the KC area, you ought to give him a call and arrange a visit. He's a great guy and his shop is like FAL heaven.

Bruce J
Kansas City

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