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December 31, 2002, 14:06
This is a little off topic, but not far.....

I need to sandblast about a dozen stable doors and metal barred windows in a barn. Since it costs more to rent a sandblaster than to buy one from Harbor Freight or Northern Tools I went to look them over.

My question is this. Does anybody have any experience with these $100 or so units? I am looking at either a gravity feed or a pressurized vessel blasting unit. I am not sure which one would do better. I am only spot removing surface rust. And of course, the unit would eventually be used on FAL projects.

If anybody has any info I would appreciate it.


December 31, 2002, 16:56
I got one of the Harbor Freight blast cabinets. It works good so long as you have air. I use a six horse 20 gallon tank compressor and it is slow going.
I think air volume and pressure is the more important factor to consider. YMMV

December 31, 2002, 19:21
As a matter of fact I recently purchased the 40 pound unit from Harbor Freight. My first project was refinishing a G3 rifle. I used nickel slag for the media and it worked like a charm. It would be good for removing rust on large immovable objects too. Hook it up to your compressor and you are good to blast away. You will need to make a few adjustments to get your flow balanced. Aside from that they work quite nicely. If you can capture and contain as much of the media as you can you can reuse it.

January 01, 2003, 15:25
Thanks Guys!

I am looking at a portable unit, not a cabinet. But I may build a cabinet for it in the future.

I just wasn't sure to go with the gravity feed, or the pressurized vessel. I think that the vessel may be better.

Thanks again

January 02, 2003, 10:18
I bought a backpack Campbell Hausfield(sp) and had mixed results. After reading stuff in this forum, I turned the air down to 80 psi and it work much better. Obviously, you're going to loose a bunch of media without a cabinet and my attempts to recycle it have not worked...just can't remove the debris in it effectively.

Others here have talked of using local or Walmart sand after drying it. Don't have any experience with that.

Sounds like you're going to need a big, quality compressor. Blasting a single FN parts/upper combination smokes my 5HP, 220 volt Craftsman.

Scott S
January 02, 2003, 11:10
I use a $15 siphon-feed Campbell Hausfeld from Walmart. Works fine for me. I poke the feed tube into a 100 lb. bag of sand and blast away (with appropriate eye, ear, and respiratory protection, of course). FYI, I run my blaster with a 6.5 HP, 220 volt, 60 gallon single-stage compressor. At 90 PSI I can run the blaster as long as I want. The compressor has no trouble keeping up.

January 02, 2003, 12:40
i have a $50 gravity feed from MSC, and feed it sand thru a window screen that is banded over the top (takes out the pebbles). there is no need to dry the sand but be careful not to buy too small a size (like the white play sand). construction sand works better for about $2.50/60 lbs. use a pressure of at least 100 psi. ten psi drop from there will eat just as much sand, but cut 40% less. use a dust mask and goggles.