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October 22, 2001, 14:02
Hello everyone, how long does it usually take the gents at gunthings.com to respond to an email? Is this a full time business or is this something they do on the side?
Thanks for your response.

October 22, 2001, 14:12
They usually reply to emails within a day. I believe they were at a gun show all weekend. If thats the case they respond when they return from the show, Monday.

I am very pleased with there products and service.

Be patient they will return your emails.


October 22, 2001, 14:18
They responded quickly when I delt with them. Products are as advertised too.

October 22, 2001, 14:28
They were in Tulsa this weekend. They should get back to you when they return to Minnesota.

October 22, 2001, 14:37
Gunthings.com has excellent customer service and products. They will get back to you.

Their parts/kits are definitely worth being patient until they contact you.

Nothing but good things to say about Brad and Gunthings.com


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October 22, 2001, 15:25
I have found gunthings to be a bit slow in contacting you, but usually within a day or so. Be patient. the stuff they have really is worth it, and they ship fast. Paypal is nice too.

October 22, 2001, 17:11
IMHO, they're worth waiting on. But they won't make you wait long.

October 22, 2001, 17:45
Let me say they crew at GUNTHINGS have been very cool to me, and the prices are very fair. I have gotten parts for order date from 3 to 5 days usauall with paypal.

They have even answered questions in a promt manner (usually a reply comes in about two hrs.).

October 22, 2001, 19:19
Brad is a great guy to do business with. When I blew the gas tube off of my G1, I came home and ordered one from him on a Sunday night using Paypal. He responded on later that night and I received the tube on Wednesday. I have ordered several things from him and he always responds within hours and ships pronto.

No problems here!

October 22, 2001, 21:13
Ditto to what the others have said. I wish all vendors were as good.

October 23, 2001, 00:13
Brad and Paul were at Tulsa this weekend. I am sure they will answer asap. I have ordered a few times from them and had them set a few pieces aside until I picked them up in Tulsa. They are great guys to do business with. I plan on to use them in the future.

I can tell you, they had some really nice kits. Worth the money in my opinion.