View Full Version : Best radio for living in the woods

September 26, 2002, 19:06
Let us say hypothetically of course that one felt the need to beat a very hasty retreat from ones home in favor of a new lifestyle out in the woods,hills, mountains, whatever. What type and/or brand name of radio would be good to have in this situation in order to have some idea of whats going on back in the world? I'm talking about reliability, durability, alternative power sources, and reception abilities: am/fm, police and fire, military, shortwave etc.

September 26, 2002, 19:20
Using the search option located close to the top of this page will give you scores of results.
I took the time and did it for ya though.
Look here:


September 26, 2002, 19:56
Whoops, sorry Faltitude, next time I will use the search function before asking questions that have already been asked. Thanks for the links!