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February 24, 2002, 16:27
went shooting today
sunny, 10-20mph wind from left to right, aobut 55 deg, range distances 100 m 200 m 300 m 400 m
ammo - malaysian marked MAL 7.62 7-85
shooting position - prone using bipod
imbel receiver/stg58 kit homebuilt w bipod
dsa scope mount and redfield 4x tracker scope
dsa 5 round mag, 25 m slow fire pistol targets, 5 1/2" black circle
i have never used this ammo before, wanted to check it out, get some of my shootin cobwebs out
@100 m shots #1  on paper, about 7" high centered no adjustments made
@200 m shots #3 about 5" right 3" high& #4 about 3" left even with center
@300 m couldn't hit squat, missed paper target and 5 gal bucket, seemed to be shooting right but hard to mark impact on soft sand high winds. shots #5 to #10 also missed
400 m - impact short of target wasted two rounds
also shot ruger 7mm mag w 3x9 leupold scope at the 400 m target, #1 was short so used the top of the thick vertical duplex line as aiming point hit almost dead center on target
using reloads
1. need to get a spotting scope/bino's pain in the ass having to walk out and spot shots big waste of time
2. i am presently a poor shot/ badly need practice
3. malayasian ammo probably not suited for longer shots.
4. wind probably blew shots right of target, couldn't find impact of rounds to make adjustments, need spotter or larger target for sighting in.
5. forgot how far 500 m looks
6. plan to try fal and 7mm at 400 - 500 - 600 m this year, really find out what to expect. shooting 25 to 100 m targets and expecting to then shoot well 300 m and past is just dreaming. got to practice.
also shot off 50 rds thru ruger p97dc .45 auto, nice mellow recoil, no problem hitting target but need lots of practice makes nice big holes. two failures to feed properly when loading first round, pmc fmj ammo. have only put about 150 rds thru pistol still breaking it in.
have a nice day

February 24, 2002, 17:13
were you using the standard bipod that mounts on the barrel? if so, the vertical stringing that it almost always causes could have hurt you at range as well. It seems as if you had little trouble with the bolt gun. Shooting with that kind of x-wind aint easy. Look at the bright side, now you have another excuse to get the the range :D A spotting scope sure makes things easier, I bought a cheapo bushnell 20-60x for around $70, it works fine- not a super clear Leupold but it works. Happy shooting

February 24, 2002, 20:07
Went shooting today also, kid shot his .22 great, got mad at me when I told him he did'nt have to sling up every time- I guess he is just old corp- left my FAL at home and brought the CETME, it worked great, 500 rds and no problems, went to the gun store and put the CETME on consignment, I'm going to get one of those G1 kits and build another good rifle. Cleaning an HK or clone is like working on a diesel engine. Makes you remember why over 90 countries adopted the FAL. :cool:

February 24, 2002, 23:26
using standard stg bipod, attaches to barrel. usually don't use bipod, am going to sell/trade bipod. next range session will be with hirt.