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June 04, 2014, 21:29
I read this book this week:


I thought it was well written and rife with annotations and references. To anyone who doubts a global conspiracy toward one-world, communist government, this is a must read. While he plugs the John Birch society at the end (which is not a bad thing), his knowledge of history and the subtle policy "foibles" which have brought us to where we are today are compelling.

He covers the CFR influence on every administration since Wilson, the false choice we are offered as the candidate of each party is hand-picked by the counsel and their media arm, the truth behind Pearl Harbor, Korea and Vietnam, the role of international bankers in spreading communism and bringing Hitler to power, etc...

All in all, an excellent read. He really lays everything out in a nice logical format which is easy for the laymen with a cursory knowledge of history to follow.

I recommend you read it this summer if you have not already.

WEG, we need a book sub-forum, I don't read nearly enough...

June 05, 2014, 03:09
If this thread catches on and get's enough attention you will by default have initiated a auxiliary forum,,,, until forum formalized keep dropping book review bread crumbs is my advice.