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May 01, 2014, 13:13
Any Missouri members here that may be familiar with TLC kennels in Chillicothe, MO. ???

I've been talking to them about getting another Akita and wanted to now if they are on the up and up or are just a Puppy Mill.

May 01, 2014, 14:04

I contacted TLC Kennels of Chillicothe, MO in early April 2013 regarding an Australian Cattle Dog pup I saw on their website. The site clearly states that all their puppies come with AKC registration. After several emails and phone calls the owner of the kennel Mr. Peniston agreed that I could come to their kennel to see the pup as I wanted to see the kennel and the parents of the pup. On the agreed upon day, Mr. P told me that he was delivering another puppy to Iowa in his plane so it would not be convenient for me to come to the kennel. I told him that I could come later in the week but he suggested bringing the pup with him in the plane and when he finished in Iowa he would meet me at an airport close to where I live. I agreed and we met on the runway.

Mr. P was now in a rush to get back in the air due to impending weather. The dog seemed to be just as advertised so I handed over the agreed upon price in cash and was told that the papers would be in the mail. The interaction lasted 5 minutes. Alarm bells were obviously going off in my head but I still hoped for the best. I indeed did get some papers in the mail, none of which were his AKC registration. I emailed and got no response. I then became more insistent in my emails and got a response, which was he didn't remember who I was. After he was reminded of who I was and which pup I had purchased he asked if I had had the pup neutered yet. I indeed had not had him neutered and did not intend to. This subject was never discussed before and there was no contract addressing this. By the way I was never given a contract to sign at all.

When I stated that I was not neutering the dog, Mr. P then responded that I hadn't paid the full price of the dog and thus if I wanted papers I would need to give him more money. At the time I purchased the dog Mr. P quoted a lower price than what was advertised on their website. He stated that this pup was the last left of his litter and because he was 13-14 weeks old his price was discounted. Unfortunately this conversation occurred on the phone so I don't have documentation. I do have the emails asking for proof of neuter and then asking for more money. This kennel obviously sells a lot of dogs. Apparently they are "dedicated" to breeding the best of Australian Cattle Dogs, Akitas and Huskies.

I am just glad that my dog is healthy unlike the unfortunate people who posted about TLC and Mr. Peniston whose puppy was so ill and despite all the money they spent they didn't get their AKC papers either became so ill obviously.

TLC Farm in Chillicothe, MO - Please save yourself a lot of money and pain and buy your puppy elsewhere. This man is a crook. They raise Akitas ,Australian Cattle Dogs, Siberian Huskys, American Foxhounds and I am sure a whole lot more dogs. They are a puppy mill. They sent my family a deaf puppy. Bob Peniston is the owner along with his wife. He will yes ma'am and yes sir you to pieces until he gets your money. Then you will never hear from him and if you do it's for more money. We never received the papers on our puppy either. We were out 2 grand when it was all said and done. He does not do hearing testing on his puppies. I am pretty sure he fakes the health certificates also. I cannot stress enough to stay clear of this individual. They take excellent photos but what you get will not be the same.

We are residents of NY and we purchased a puppy from TLC Kennels of Chillicothe, Missouri. This was a purchase made online. Prior to purchase, the owner of the kennel, Ashley P., assured us that the dogs were healthy and top quality. She assured us we would receive health forms confirming this as well as a guarantee. We received the puppy on Aug. 17, 2009. The puppy appeared to be healthy but we made a vet appointment for the next week just to be sure.

On August 22, (just days before our initial vet appointment) the puppy, whom we named "Kenji" became ill, exhibiting signs of severe respiratory distress. This occured approx 3am Saturday morning. Due to the time of occurence, we only had one option, which was to bring the puppy immediately to an emergency vet hospital. In the first hour of the dogs assessment by emergency staff at the hospital, we were told the puppy had a fever of 104.0 and that he was critical. They advised us to leave him in their care as it was necessary to administer the dog oxygen, IV fluids, antibiotics and to monitor the dog around the clock.

The puppy's diagnosis was pneumonia and he was not stable enough to bring home for 3-4 days. We notified Mr. P.of the circumstances that Saturday. We requested any health info he could provide for the dog and any other dogs in his kennel that may be ill. Prior to purchasing our pup Kenji, we had started the process of purchasing a different dog from Mr. P., but before he sent that particular puppy to us he called to say it was very sick and would we consider a different dog. We had agreed to take a brother of the original dog. After our pup, Kenji, became critically ill, we asked for some assistance from Mr. P.. We requested to speak to his vet he uses to assess his dogs before he sells them to consumers. He did provide us with the phone number to this vet, but the receptionist was extremely unhelpful, and finally disclosed that the vet had never seen the dogs, that Mr. P. treats the dogs he sells, himself.

After we brought our pup home, Mr. P. said we should have called him, that he would have driven up from Missouri to get our dog and give us a replacement. Unfortunately, if we had waited for Mr. P. to drive from Missouri to NY, Kenji would have died and suffered terribly. We asked if there was anyway he could help us with the bills incurred as a result of the dogs illness, less than 5 days after he came home with us and Mr. Peniston denied assistance. We asked him to refund our money due to the cost of the vet bills and the health guarantee, again he denied assistance with this matter.

TLC Kennels contract does state that the purchaser must receive 2 seperate diagnosis from 2 seperate vets, which we have done, but apparently, pneumonia is not under his contract.

We did receive (several days after we received Kenji), a health guarantee. Basically, it covers nothing. We have yet to receive any other paperwork regarding the puppy, specifically the dogs AKC registration and pedigree papers, which were also promised to us, and can be found on their website as a claim.

We cancelled payment with American Express for the purchase of the dog, which was $2300.00 only after incurring approx $4000.00 in vet bills to save the dogs life. Unfortunately, we were notified by American Express that Mr. P.'s health guarantee does not cover our dog. We are aware of puppy lemon laws and know we have 14 days of coverage under that law if we receive a sick puppy. I believe NY has a puppy lemon law, but we are unsure of transactions that take place online.

We were hoping that TLC Kennels would stand by their "product" and act humanely toward the pups they sell to consumers and families. Mr. P. will not respond to email or our requests to fulfill his obligation to both his clients and his dogs. Total overall cost for the dog and vet bills incurred over a 2 week period is approx. $6500.00

May 01, 2014, 14:14

TLC listed in Clinton, MO in these:



Wappapello, MO:


TLC brings up three different surnames: Coleman, Beauford and Peniston in three different places in MO.

Run, don't walk. If you want one, try getting in touch with a breed-specific rescue or the national association for the breed and ask them for recognized ethical breeders.



Nothing like going out to look at dogs, covered in filth and the kennels smelling of piss and feces in their back yard, while some old fugker quotes scripture to you and tells you how their son is a cop and how wonderful their dogs are with Bibles laying around their living room.

May 07, 2014, 23:08
Thanks for the info SWOHFAL!!!

I have been in contact with TLC to check them out.

May 08, 2014, 04:10
Thanks for the info SWOHFAL!!!

I have been in contact with TLC to check them out.

What are you expecting them to say: "We're not the dishonest scumbags people say we are"?

I wouldn't waste my time getting in touch with them and would just move on to asking folks who actually care about dogs as something other than only a payday who to buy from.

May 08, 2014, 23:00
Mr. Peniston? For real? Dude...:shades: