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Bug Tussell
December 10, 2013, 18:48
It's a little late - the weather changed quicker than I thought it would. I started winterizing a little before the cold snap. Just removed some batteries and put them on trickle chargers. Got the RV batteries on a solar charger.

Today finally got around to fuel stabilizing chain saws and the medium generator. Mixed up the fuel with one ounce to two gallons and then started the engines and let them run for 5 minutes. The chainsaws were not much problem but the generator was a PITA. I should have got the electric start model. But it started eventually. Changed the oil on it while it was out.

Removed the plastic canopy from a FUBAR golf cart. I'll cut it down and use it to shield the AC condenser. This is a farm so reuse and repurpose stuff around here.

Got electric oil heaters strategically placed around to keep pipes and chemicals and such from freezing.

Got electric water heaters for chickens and dogs.

Got hoses drained and stored.

Got vehicles serviced.

Got RV drained and blown out. Got some RV antifreeze in traps.

So now I'm in pretty good shape.

I wonder what I forgot?

December 10, 2013, 19:30
Minus 14 here this morning.

Are you on a well? That's always my first winter priority.

December 10, 2013, 19:47
Anything that burns diesel fuel needs anti gel treatment ?
Or air brake antifreeze for that stuff if you have it.Just sayin.;)

December 10, 2013, 21:49
if the gen has a float bowl drain it. run the gas out of the saws. in small volumes stabilizer is left behind as the gas evaporates leaving a grease like mess behind. keep your fuel tanks full to avoid condensation, fog the cylinders and park them at TDC. may old man winter be kind to you.

December 11, 2013, 10:21
I wonder what I forgot?

The pressure washer, you forgot the darn pressure washer

almost forgot mine this winter, caught it at the last minute

hooked a small section of the end of an old hose to it with a funnel filled w/antifreeze and turned it over a few times to get the antifreeze in the system and good fer all winter now, almost forgot about it hidden in the corner of the shed

December 11, 2013, 11:56
Called the cat in and showed him where to preform his abolutions,,, that's a sight he looks like he is passing a peach seed,,, we are all set for the winter or until the next series of false spring happens,,, he will want to do some sportin' when it gets just a little warmer.

Bug Tussell
December 11, 2013, 12:20
Anything that burns diesel fuel needs anti gel treatment ?
Or air brake antifreeze for that stuff if you have it.Just sayin.;)

The big generator has a 60 gallon diesel tank which is full. I keep it in the barn where temps are somewhat ameloriated. It don't have no anti gel treatment. The 350 gallon diesel storage tank is outside but it has stabil in it.

But the raw gas storage tank doesn't have any stabilizer in it. My distributor thinks that it will be okay - it's in an insulated tank. That tank was a great craigslist find for me.

Keeping it warm at Bug Tussell Farm.

December 12, 2013, 22:43
glad I live in Phoenix!
I remember and ACTUAL 35 BELOW zero for about 2 weeks in MN.
we had two days here where it got down to about 28 in the back yard.
The dorks who build houses out here LIKE to have your water pipes OUTSIDE going into the sidewall of your house.
So I put a WET beach towel over it (it ices into a tent) and I shove an automotive trouble light under there to keep it warm and cozy.
Then I cover all of the wifes plants with old king sized bed sheets and have to clothespin them on if there is a wind.
So far, so good.
Good luck to you all.