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October 24, 2013, 22:26
Anyone used any of the knives available thru MTech? Chinese made but cheap enuff to do destruction tests on- or just use in high-loss situations.
I bought a 151 Trailmaster clone- I figured that since I have 3 Carbon-5 TM's I can without dishonor buy an M-Tech clone for $30.00 bucks, delivered. It was purchased as a "toy" rather than a working blade.
Was surprised when it came... a nearly exact copy of the TM except that the TM is 5/8ths thick while the 151 is 1/4 inches thick. Otherwise they look about the same. The 151 guard tho is ferrous, not brass. It is marked Handcrafted in China from American design. The grip seems to be "kraton" in comparison to my TMs, failed to find any difference. All is sprayed with the tacticool black crud paint. Paint is cheaper than having to polish a rough blade. The stainless blade will take a good edge- it kissed my thumb while playin with it.. knife got it's baptism of blood. And I mean "kissed", no gouge or chop.. Pretty sharp. Dunno yet how LONG it will stay sharp, some of these steels can lose their edge if one just looks at them.
The blade steel is "440", no A B or C attached. Who knows, could be some kinda Chinese mystery steel, tho it IS stainless. I did sharpen the point back-edge about 3 inches or so- it took a good edge there too. Also used a belt to bring the edge close to where I wanted it and then I finished it with oil-stones.
The sheath is some sort of kydex, but somewhat light for a working sheath. Once the blade has proven it's strength or lack there-of, I'll throw together a leather sheath, which have done for my TM's. I carry it stuck in my belt, left side. Thinking about it, not sure the sheath would protect me like thick leather would if subjected to force.
If they made a recon scout-type I would probably collect one of those too.. OK so the knife is a rip off of a Lynn Thompson design, but then the TM's are being made in Taiwan now anyway.. at this point the Red Chinese seems like a good "value" but wouldnt necessarily trust my life to it as I would my old TMs. And I don't particularly like stainless steel knives unless good attention is given to the heat treatment. Hard to say what the heat treat of these blades are. Thinking of testing it by slamming it into hard object to see if the steel will crack.
There are some tests and reviews online if you google MTech 151.
Anyway there it is. Feel free to comment! Thank you... Dun
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