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L Haney
June 07, 2013, 19:07
This is going to be big. As in 'their wildest dreams' big.

They are smart enough to open up the device to independent developers (hackers) who are currently fast outpacing their in house developers.

If you go look at the thing as it exists today bear in mind you are looking at a piece of technology that is in the point of its development roughly analogous to automobiles when they were powered by steam boilers.

If any of the techno weenies (I used to be one) are interested I'll put up a link to a video of the first developers conference. It'll bore the shit out of you if you don't speak geek. If you do, there is a particularly interesting question posed (next to the last one) that you can tell induced 'pucker factor' into the presenters.

If you can't see where this device could absolutely change efficacy of hand held weapon usage, you have no imagination at all. Expect to see that little laser sight for your pistol or rifle being Bluetooth enabled. When that happens, it won't even have to be visible to the eye.
The trigger won't fire the shot, it'll just be a 'weapon hot' switch.

But first, you'll see this.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1GAd1QDcutc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

June 07, 2013, 19:15
Speaking as a guy stick in the "Steam Era" when it comes to technology, this is cool, if it was not going to be used to further spy on us.

As far as what it could be used for...Yea I can see some applications.

June 07, 2013, 19:52
going to be even more idiots crashing their cars while shouting hands free texts and video chatting or watching porn. Plus, it is like a voluntary big brother spy on me device.
zero upside, unless you count looking like a tool.

June 07, 2013, 19:58
The potential for intrusive abuse is nothing short of breathtaking.

June 07, 2013, 20:08

June 07, 2013, 21:35
Just great.

Now, I don't have to just assume the lameness. I can see it on the innanet.