View Full Version : Not such a great start to 2009!

April 04, 2009, 20:25
this year isn't looking too good so far. First, Wifey ends up in the hospital and almost dies on me. Today she totaled her car.

She's OK, but sore as hell.

She was headed into Ft Bragg and apparently drifted off the right shoulder. Over corrected and went back across the road and into the woodline. 60 MPH thru the trees and it was a miracle she didn't hit one large tree!! She travelled quite a ways thru the trees and skipped off of a chain link fence. Car is pretty beat up but she didn't receive any injuries except being sore as hell tonight.

Hope this year looks up!

Survey Punk
April 04, 2009, 20:45
Quarter of the year is history. Your bad luck has nada to do with it.

I'm 2 hours away. Come shoot off the back porch. Bring beer and grillables.
Life is good. We got room for ya'.


April 04, 2009, 20:47
Geeze John!
Man, I'm glad she's alright.
Medical reason for the drift off the roadway or just inattentiveness?
Either way... glad she's alright; but get her checked out well. Being tossed around inside a car is not a way to work out! Sore will be the least of it!

Steady on.. give her our best,

April 05, 2009, 00:11
Man, that sux............

I say we all go to Survey`s for beer & brats..........

April 05, 2009, 09:19
Glad she is ok.

Fr. Vince

April 05, 2009, 12:53
Originally posted by ER
Man, that sux............

I say we all go to Survey`s for beer & brats..........

Sounds like a plan! (I happen to like beer and brats)

BTW, I just remembered about those BDU pants you were looking for. Med/Reg, right?

April 05, 2009, 17:33
Forget the car. Glad wifey is okay!


April 05, 2009, 19:33
Sounds like your year is satisfactorily in progress, but HER 2009 really sucks!! Glad she's okay.


Survey Punk
April 06, 2009, 07:14
C'mon down! If we do it soon we've got 800yds + to shoot in. Metal targets here and there. Have a grill and 3 refrigerators! :biggrin:
Gotta be quick though 'cause if Farmer Steve gets his corn in range will be severely limited.
Dress is casual. FALs optional.


Andy the Aussie
April 08, 2009, 00:12
Glad she is OK mate...!~!~ !!:uhoh: :uhoh:

Hellion Productions
April 08, 2009, 00:54
Every day above ground's a gift too easily taken for granted. Glad she's alright.


April 08, 2009, 10:15
Thank God she's okay. The vehicle can be repaired or replaced, not so much with her. I agree though that you need to find out what led to the off-road ride for her. You sure don't want a repeat.

You will both be in our prayers.