View Full Version : Sandblasting cost: Did I get ripped off?

Celtic warrior
April 09, 2008, 19:46
I had four steel wheels, nothing fancy, and not a weird size (14X6 Mopar)

The chick at the counter when I dropped them off, said $100....:uhoh:

I didn't think it was THAT expensive a job, but I try and patronize locally.

SOOOOOOOOOO:eek: Imagine my surprise when I went back 10 days later, the total came out to $140 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I questioned it, she replied "Nope $35 a wheel standard cost"

Now, I KNOW wtf she quoted me, I'm unemployed so when it comes to $$ out of my pocket, I listen carefully.

I should add that their advertising says 1-3 DAYS. It took them 10 to do it!!
I paid it and left as word of mouth does more than a pissing contest.

Lastly, I went there in good clean clothes, the dude brought them from the shop and plops them in the middle of the floor, not even asking if I needed a hand to the car. (For once, yes, I would've appreciated him taking out the other pair.

Rather than kvetch at them or ABOUT them in the Detroit area classic car services. I thought I'd check with you guys first.
Any thoughts?

Greg O

English Mike
April 09, 2008, 20:21
$100 is $100 & not $140

I'd have wanted a polite word with the boss.

"My word is my bond" seems to be obsolete these days, so I ask for a written quote - NOT an estimate.

April 09, 2008, 20:38
Yeah, 20 per wheel sounds right, 35 per wheel sounds high. I had some smaller parts sandblasted last year, and given the size of a wheel, I think you got ripped.

Oh well, live and learn. BTW, I'd bet someone in your town has a blast cabinet they would rent you for cheaper. Maybe post a craigslist ad or a wanted here on the board next time.

Celtic warrior
April 10, 2008, 09:47
Right on Mike, but it WAS the boss who made that $35 notation in the "cost"column.
And yes, "one's word is their word" means less and less all the time. How often I(we) have gone by a verbal quote and it was always good.
Even better was picking up the work and the person says, "nawww, wasn't as much work as I thought, just give me $$ instead of $$$.

XD, I actually DID scout around here a bit, no one in my immediate area seems to have a cabinet. But for $140 it's in the neighborhood of just buying one myself, if I could use it enough it'd be okay but I wouldn't. Nice idea about posting a "sandblasting needed" on Craigslist. Probably would have made some guys day to make $75 or so, and helping us both out.

In summary, there's a cynical email that went out to most of my classic car/bike buddies, if just ONE doesn't patronize that $hit8all I will feel vindicated of sorts.

Thanks you guys...:bow:

Greg O