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September 11, 2007, 14:39
Sorry if this is already out there. i always find these stories interesting, so i thought id post mine.

i was lying in bed after a night of excess. it was my first semester in comm college, i was 24. i didnt have class that day. my late mom called, but i wanted to lie in the bed. i heard the answering machine, " you probably dont know this, but the united states has been massively attacked..."

oh shit! nukes?!? i jumped up, go to the phone. she didnt know much other than the wtc had been hit twice. she was clearly freaking out. i said ill be out there asap. at the time i owned nothing more than a boy scout type single shot 22, with one or two bullets. i didnt think to grab it. at the time i had a fast car. i drove out to my folks, 15 minutes away. as soon as i got on the highway, i realized i was the ONLY one there. everyone was glued tyo a TV. i realized the cops were well occupied, so i freaking FLEW down the road to my folks. I remember enjoying the feeling of having my own road and complete freedom from traffic laws. i had NPR on and on the way i heard the pentagon was on fire. no report as to why. That made me much more nervous. I could tell from what they were saying on the radio that no large yield nukes had gone off, but that was the extent of my comforting knowledge. And one could still be used…

i got to my folks, they were watching tv, the second tower had just fallen, i didnt know one had already fallen. the tv was just an image of smoke, with a few buildings sticking out. i couldnt understand why the building would have fallen. my folks didn’t know what had hit them. i kept wondering how they fell. Did they fall sideways and crush lots of other buildings and people? cnn was saying that about 50K people were in the centers, so i was thinking 75K dead if they had fallen sideways. Maybe more.

My folks had chilled out some. i know its odd, but i needed a copy of their house key. i figured i might as well get something done, instead of sit around and watch smoke. i drove to a nearby walmart (something i would never do now, if they had to crash i wish they had hit walmarts) to get the key copied. Big mistake. Now there were people all over the road. One pickup had a big branch stuck out and up from the driver window, with a big US flag hanging from it. Painted on the windshield was: "Kill OSAMA!" At the time his name was known enough for me to know who it was, but that was it. Walmart was packed. Lots of panickers there were buying groceries, even though this one has a very small grocery section. But I was there to get a key copied, which is done at the: sporting goods desk. There were about twenty people piled around it, buying whatever near useless POS gun they could get. Long guns only. Over the intercom, one kept hearing “can I get a manager to sporting goods for a confirmation”. The process was very slow, and everyone was very anxious to get their savage bolt 223 in order to stop the eminent wave of terrorists thought to be coming over the horizon. People were pissy. I obviously was not going to get a key copied. I made a stupid comment to some guy next to me, “I guess I picked the wrong day to get a key copied!” He just looked at me, and looked very scared. Everyone was tossing around what info they new, and I found out it was planes that had hit the wtc. Much of the info I now know to be incorrect, but at the time it was all we had. I left.

I drove back to my folks’, keyless. My dad was leaving to go back to work, my daughter in school and my mom was calm. I watched tv for a few minutes and saw the collapses. I was relieved that they came straight down, as that likely lowered the death toll. I called to check my messages. My best friend from childhood had called to ask me what was happening. I didn’t call him back. My current best friend, a timid female, had also called, terrified, wanting me to come over. I left to go over there. I think it was at this point that the senators all sang “god bless America” on the steps, and I heard it on the radio and teared up a bit, but I wasn’t sure why. I got to my friends, and damn near everyone I knew was there. We sat on the floor and had beers and watched all the emerging footage. They were just starting to show the ground level views of the dust cloud advancing, which I found very scary. I didn’t realize a collapse would make a less-deadly pyroclastic flow like that. I also hadn’t seen the second plane hitting, and I didn’t understand why there was so much flame. Usually explosions aren’t nearly so flashy as those we see on TV. The death toll was being gradually revised downwards. It was still in the five digits. Its odd how the 9/11 toll kept going downwards, as in most disasters they rise, sometimes dramatically. The first death toll I saw from the Boxing Day tsunami was 100 dead!

I still hadn’t showered, and I went home to shower but got a call from my brother to check on me. I mentioned the shower, and he told me he wouldn’t shower because the water might be poisoned. Oh shit again! The idea of a much broader attack hadn’t occurred to me, and it suddenly seemed possible. I called the water people with the city and asked if they had done anything to secure the water. I was very apologetic about taking up their time, and was polite. I thought it was a good question. The woman I talked to disagreed. She was very rude, “what is it exactly that we should be looking for, SIR?!?” I learned nothing. I didn’t shower for three days.

I went back to my friends, we decided to go to the liquor store and get drunk afterwards. On the way to the car, we ran into some weird old man walking a dog, who volunteered, unsolicited: “I just think its funny that everyone is so upset about this, when we sit around killing ourselves with junk food every day!”

the next morning on the way to school, the DJ played "Tuesday’s gone", and i cried on the drive...

I have woken up and checked the news everyday since. I am now relatively prepared for a disaster. some good comes from everything. I still have that old .22.

September 11, 2007, 15:13
I was deployed to Kosovo but had been given the task of securing the R&R hotel site in Sofia, Bulgaria for 30 days. We had been in Bulgaria for a couple weeks. I thought we had had it made. Living in a 4 star (Bulgarian 4 stars, but beat where we had been staying in Kosovo.....we didn't have a strip club in our hootch in Kosovo. ;)
Anyway, I had 7 guys in my squad and we had a couple Nat Guard guys with us working. There were 164 US soldiers there for their 4 day R&R pass. I had been up babysitting drunk GIs all over Sofia all night and had just gone to sleep. My buddy comes busting in the room and kicks my feet and says Dude, we just got attacked! I was groggy and didn't know what the hell he was talking about. He turned on the TV and just as we were watching, the second plane hit. I seriously thought it was a movie. After a minute I realized that it was real.
I began getting my guys to try to get all the GIs back to the hotel. I contacted the Bulgarian police to see if they could spare a few guys to help us secure the hotel. Like I said, I had 7 guys and 7 Beretta 9mm pistols with 30 rounds each. NOT what I would have chosen. I called the US Embassy and asked if we could bring everybody to their compound. "NO!" WTF???? Ok, can I sign for some rifles and ammo to help secure my site. "NO!" **** the embassy. (a bit later I did receive a call from one of the Marine NCOs there asking how everything was going at our location and he said he'd been working on getting us some more firepower but still no luck)
It took us almost 6 hours to get all the Americans back to the hotel and accounted for. During this time, one of the local Bulgarian Mafia dudes came fora visit. I had talked with Ivo on a couple other occasions since he ran most of the brothels and clubs in the city. We had a good relationship.......He has his bouncers/security help look out for my drunk, stupid GIs on R&R and I don't put his clubs off limits. Worked out well for both of us. Anyway, he comes to the hotel and the bellboy calls me and says he's here. I go down to meet him and the first thing he says is "John, I'm so sorry this has happened. Is there anything I can do to help you?" I don't want to seem weak or give up any info about our precarious security situation so I tell him thanks, but we're fine. He then says he knows we don't have any rifles so he brought us some. He had brought 10 AKs and a shitload of loaded mags. I still didn't want to give up any OPSEC, so I carefully told him thanks but gave up no more info. He then said he had already placed his "associates" in strategic locations around the hotel grounds to assist us in our security. **** it. The US Embassy won't help us but the local mafia Don will??? Crazy times, these are.

There's alot more to the story, but that's the gist of it. Man, you guys think YOU didn't have much info that day....try getting what you can from European news channels that aren't even in English!!!!!! LOL

September 11, 2007, 15:20
Eatin breakfast when my wife said "oh, look !!",,, and I did.

September 11, 2007, 15:31
The US Embassy won't help us but the local mafia Don will???

that is pathetic:|

September 11, 2007, 15:33
Buying cigarettes in New Jersey just across from NYC with my then-girlfriend on my first US vacation.

Came out of the store, turned on the car radio and heard that a plane had hit the Twin Towers, so we headed down to the river to see what was going on; the sky was clear so I was already suspicious that it was a hijacking.

I remember dragging on a cigarette when we saw the 2nd plane come streaking in and hit the tower and I was sure then that it was terrorism.

September 11, 2007, 15:35
I was working in the lab and had taken a break to log onto the Files where I saw the news.

September 11, 2007, 15:39
i just remembered how news reports kept saying there were other planes unaccounted for. for weeks i thought our jets had shot them down.

September 11, 2007, 15:47
I was on my last week of Worker's Comp. I had been off all summer from a leg injury. I dropped my wife off at her work about 7:30 that morning. As I was going back to work the following week, I was getting some chores and other things I was behind in caught up. I was going down to Apollo Pa to visit our favorite ammo seller Dan. I lost the oldies station that I listen to before I got to Kittaning Pa and I had turned a station on from Pittsburgh. I was almost to Dan's when the radio station I was listening to broke in and said that they had reports of an aircraft hitting one of the twin towers. I figured it was a small single engine Cesna or something. The closer I got to Dans, the more they were talking about it. I pulled up in front of Dan's warehouse and after he let me in I asked him if he had heard anything. He said no, that he didn't have a radio on, let's check the internet. Damn if it wasn't already on the 'net. We went out into the warehouse and turned a radio on. We listened in total dis-belief to what was going on. They said by then that both towers had been hit and maybe the Pentagon. I'm getting nervous, I'm an hour and a half from home, and no one at this point had any idea what was going on. Dan's phone was ringing off the hook. He was trying to get his wife on the phone as she was away from home on a business trip. She finally got through to Dan about 11 am.....she was stuck in Baltimore, everything was grounded and there wasn't a rental car to be had. Dan had to get on the road to go get her so I got my stuff ( a #1 Imbel kit and 1000 rounds of ammo) and hit the road. It was surely an earie feeling coming home.........not much traffic, I figured every other car would be a cop car........I couldn't get through to my wife on my cell damn CellOne didn't have any towers down that way.
I finally got home and stopped to see my wife. The schools were all in "lock-down". She said the pictures were on tv that I needed to get home and see them.
I got home and turned the tv on and watched the replays of that morning while I cleaned a couple of rifles and loaded a bunch of magazines.
Later that evening after dark, I went outside and looked up into the sky......it took me awhile to realize that something was missing. No blinking aircraft lights. My soon-to-be soninlaw came up to the house that evening. At the time he was working for a company that strung communications cable. His crew was working in Somerset County stringing wire. They actually saw Flight 93 go over head. They all commented that something was wrong, the plane was all over the place wobbling from wing to wing and basically just barely in control.
That night we were up late watching tv.......like everyone else, we spent the rest of the week glued to the tv. The news the next day showed the map of the route of United Flight 93. It went right over our area before it turned back to the southeast. Had I been home, and had I had my scanner on, there's not a doubt in my mind that I would have heard anything that the plane transmitted. The scanner I had was a BearCat 800 XLT and it birdied something fierce on aircraft freqs. I could hear planes talking to Cleveland Center all the time.
What was it that Josey Wales said? Something to the effect of.....
"Sometimes there ain't no forgivin' nor forgettin'".
I say, Never forget..........and never ever forgive the sonsabitches that did this.

September 11, 2007, 15:48
I was deployed to Bosnia. Woken up by a buddy, stating that a airplain flew into WTC. I thought he was joking. Nobody knew what the hell was going on. All the soldiers were glued to any TV available (Armed Services Network). We watched the second tower get hit and the events that unfolded afterwards....until sirens went off and everyone had to gear up and take defensive positions..... Never felt so freakin' useless.

I spoke with my Grandparents who were motorhoming across the country from Indiana. They were in Wyoming when they met up with some friends from a couple other states and Canada. Upon hearing the horrible news, everyone drove home the next day.

September 11, 2007, 15:55
I was off that day. I got to see almost the entire thing on TV.
:eek: to :mad:
that day.

September 11, 2007, 16:04
I was working at a Lincoln-Mercury dealership. Working on a car when co-workers came up saying a plane had hit WTC. I knew in my gut then that this was no accident. I remember telling my buddy that I didn't feel it was over. When they told me the second plane hit, I remember just crying and focusing on the car, trying not ot let the anger take control. Then they told me we were scrambling jets for any other airplanes still in the air. I then remember praying that we didn't shoot any down. Its one thing that terrorist kill Americans, but its another thing when we kill Americans to protect ourselves. My co-workers couldn't understand me not wanting to see it. I just couldn't, there was nothing I could do to stop it. And to watch would just make me want to take it out on whoever I felt was against us. Boy did a lot of American bashers change their tune that day. I swear I would have bombed Mecca before the smoke cleared in NYC, if I had been President. But that would have just added to the problem. I give Pres. Bush credit on staying calm and not releasing the hounds of hell on every country that celebrated. (Oh wait, no I don't). Anyway thats where and what I was doing.

September 11, 2007, 16:10
FOB Connor, Bosnia, having arrived in country less than 24 hrs earlier. My platoon was actually in a briefing in the TV room when an NCO came in and said a plane had ht the WTC. We turned on the TV just in time to see the second one hit.

English Mike
September 11, 2007, 16:38
I was in my shop here in the UK when my brother 'phoned to say a plane had hit the WTC & like others I had a mind picture of a Cessna type of aircraft.
He 'phoned again when the second plane hit & my thought then was: "Iran - they're going to get nuked for this."
Wrong country but right kind of fanatic.
The images I saw that night on TV are still there in my mind.

September 11, 2007, 17:01
Pentagon. 3rd floor corridor 6 , A ring. Finishing up wiring an electrical panel. The rest is history. Want to guess what I think about " The Religion of Peace" ?
Thinking about 9-11 makes me mad.

September 11, 2007, 17:35
Originally posted by festus
Pentagon. 3rd floor corridor 6 , A ring. Finishing up wiring an electrical panel. The rest is history. Want to guess what I think about " The Religion of Peace" ?
Thinking about 9-11 makes me mad.

if it is not traumatic to recount, i think the rest of us would be interested in what you experienced.

September 11, 2007, 17:47
The obliteration of Mecca sounds a comensurate responce to me.

Andy the Aussie
September 11, 2007, 18:03
Motel Room about five hours south of Sydney, it was of course the middle of the night and I was sound asleep, sharing the room with guy I worked with to save a few dollars. We had been drinking pretty well the night before and only had to pack up and return to Sydney the next morning. Mobile phone ringing in the dark. It was a good friend of mine that was in Canada at the time, I was to meet here there in a couple of weeks (flying to the US on the 14th of Sept in fact). She is babbling about hijacked planes and the WTC etc. I was not talking it in at all till she said one had struck the Pentagon also. This made me take notice. I called out to the mate in the room with me to turn on the TV (he had the remote on his side of the room) He was pissing and moaning about why I was waking him up etc etc.......he turned it on and we immediately saw the images of the second aircraft hit the WTC. It was 0200 local. My friend in Canada asked me to contact her family around 0600 local to let them know she was OK (she was traveling in the US and Canada for a year). My mate and I sat and watched the TV till 0600hrs. My flight to the US was delayed from 0630hrs on the 14th till 2230hrs on the 15th.


September 11, 2007, 18:10
I had just passed the Florida Bar. I was getting ready to go to the Keys for a few days to celebrate.

Needless to say, I didn't make it.

September 11, 2007, 18:54
Southeast corner of a center section of a triple-wide modular house, pulling wires.

I rememeber it coming across the radio...................................bizarre how quiet it got in that plant.................probably the most silent I have ever heard it during production hours.

Got home that afternoon and watched till late that night...................gave my kid extra hugs and kisses that night.

September 11, 2007, 22:01
I was sitting at the intersection of University drive and Austin street waiting to turn left onto to University from Austin and head to my 8:00AM math class at the college.

The morning rush of people trying to get to work or to class had been snarled by a construction crew sitting in the left turning lane and traffic was backed up. In an attempt to get around a wad of cars heading west on Austin, I turned to pull left into the turning lane and bounced off a Ford Ranger who had come down the center. We called the cops to come write up a report on the accident and once that was all squared away I wrote the math class off went back home. The first plane hit the first trade center tower about the time I bumped the Ranger.

For some reason, I had the radio off on my way home so I had not heard about the plane hitting the WTC. That unusual because I always listen the radio when I'm driving. I arrived home ready to break the news to my stepdad that I'd been involved in a minor accident, but when he came out of the house, his eyes were wide. "We're under attack man. This is for real" is all he said and pointed towards the TV in the office we had at the backdoor.

I went into the living room to watch CNN on the big TV and just about the time I got settled the second plane hit. I didn't move for the next two hours.


Its funny how you can remember little details about days like this, ain't it?

Sand Pirate
September 11, 2007, 22:21
I had just finished teaching my 0930 Spanish class at the Border Patrol Academy in Charleston, SC. Walking into our main classroom building, I saw a fellow agent coming out. He asked if I had heard the news yet.

I asked him what was wrong, and he said "A jet just hit the WTC." I trotted to the conference room (which had the only handy TV in the area) to find every instructor not scheduled in a class crammed into this tiny room. I got there just in time to see the second jet hit.

As the second jet hit, everybody simultaneously realized we were under attack. Lots of rough, tough BP agents with tears on their cheeks. We continued to watch Fox, and heard them report the Pentagon hit, and unconfirmed reports of a jet impacting the Mall in DC.

My command staff got ahold of me and two other agents just then....we were ordered to establish a vehicle checkpoint at the base entrance (our academy was on city property shared by several businesses, and did not have any security like at a military base), and hold it until relieved. We hit the local commercial business and borrowed traffic cones, lighting units, and Gott coolers. The Firearms Division brought us M4s and 870s, and we held the checkpoint until after dark that evening.

Spent the next 4 weeks teaching for 8 hours, patroling perimeter or checkpoint for 8 hours, and sleeping in my office.

September 11, 2007, 22:32
I was at work in the nursing home passing meds to about 75 elderly people. One of my CNA's came running to me crying "A plane just flew into the WTC in NYC"..........

I immediately remembered the B-17 that flew into the Empire State Building during WWII. I was still passing meds & some of the elderly resident's had heard my CNA say what she said. They immediately started crying & worrying about the end of the world. To calm them down, I calmly reminded them of the B-17 that flew into the Empire State Building during WWII "AS AN ACCIDENT". I then went on to say 'you know the TV, all kinds of violence & strange shows on it'. It worked for a little while, least until I got to the dayroom & saw the second one hit.

Then the reports the Pentagon was hit, I immediately thought of friends in the Military & wishing I was there with them to ensure their safety. I left the dayroom to begin treatments, spent the remainder of the day calming frightened 80 something people. I reminded them this happened in NYC, we were to say a prayer to the people in NYC & Pentagon. I got home in time to watch my wife (at the time) crying & worried about friends she had know from grade school living on the east coast, worrying about her sister in CT. I worked my magic on calming her for the next two days.

I called the recruiter the following day, was told I was too old to re-enter the military. So I waited until I had heard back from emails I had sent out to friends, was reassured they were safe.

I was finally able to sleep a little bit about 48 hours later. Went back to work, went back to re-assuring residents of the facility we were safe.

I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. Just like I will never forget the day JFK was assassinated.

September 12, 2007, 06:00
I had just awoken for school , when I came into the living room my dad told me and I watched the footage of the first plane hit. Then I think the 2nd hit while I was still at home. In class at school we just watched the news until they fell and then it really sunk in that this was very real. Sad day for America.

September 12, 2007, 07:03
Sitting at my desk working, when the wife called and told me what she had just seen on the tube. I turned on the radio to a local morning show than ran till almost 3pm that day, when they were supposed to go off at 10AM. The building I worked in had a auditorium type meeting room with a huge wall screen, and they turned on one of the national news channels, about 100 or so of us watched the tv for a while in there, totally silent. I went out to lunch to meet a friend that was working for another company, he had to skip lunch to get back across the border(lives in Windsor) befor they decided to shut the bridge down. While we were at lunch, they closed the building and sent everyone home for the day. I went home and watched more of the news coverage, still not sure what to think.

September 12, 2007, 07:09
Originally posted by deerollman

if it is not traumatic to recount, i think the rest of us would be interested in what you experienced.

I think I said it before a few years ago on the Fal Files. The story gets to be redundant as the years go by. Life goes on. I feel better now that I have moved away from Ground Zero.

September 12, 2007, 07:12
Originally posted by martin35
The obliteration of Mecca sounds a comensurate responce to me.

Yes , but it would have to be done by a Arab jetliner hijacked by a group of Christians fanatics to be equal in comparison.

September 12, 2007, 08:55
I had been out fueling a fire truck and got back to the station a few minutes befroe the second plane hit. We were all pretty much in shock until then and everyone got pretty pissed after that.

For the next few minutes we watched the burning of the towers and I remember everyone in my crew saying "get out, get out" under their breath. We knew the buildings were going to fall a long time before they actually did, so did every member of FDNY that went in there that day, they just hoped they had time to get the people out. We all know how that worked out.

They still had planes in the air unaccounted for at the time and my kids mother worked at Tinker AFB in OKC, which had gone on alert, which basically means every AWACS on the base they could get up hit the air. You couldn't get a phone line into the base period. So I called the kids school and told them to have the 16y/o gather his brother and sister and bring them to my house RIGHT NOW, I didn't want them hearing about a plane crashing into the base and not being able to call their mom. I also am bad about gathering the fold in times of trouble. I've got to know they're safe to be able to function at my job.

At the time I was one of the heavy rescue team leaders and got a call from the Chief to start packing equipment for transport and to get a list of team members that could leave for an extended time. We all wanted to go, but they had more help than they could use and never called for help from smaller departments this far west. I went home for a couple of hours to re-assure the kids and give my wife a list of things to pack for me.

The rest of the day was pretty somber around the station with the guys dealing with the situation in their own ways, a lot of talking and anger being vented, not just at the loss of our brothers and sisters, mainly at the fact that someone had attacked and killed so many innocents. That anger is still there today and will always be as long as any terrorist draw a breath.


September 12, 2007, 09:26
9/11/01: Working in a nuclear powerplant in New Hill, NC. Had to hustle all non-essential personnel outside the fence ASAP. Took 3 days for things to settle down. Vetted all personnel again and then went back to work. One of the contractors lost a sister in the twin towers. Having his office call me and asking him to call home right away wasn't a shining moment. When I went to tell him, he said that he'd been waiting for the call. He's a good man. I've known him a long time. I didn't see him again for 18 months. Shortly thereafter, site management put a huge American flag on the side of the reactor building. Those of us on the turbine deck liked that. "In your face" was pretty much what we wanted to see.

9/12/07: I know that Iraq and Afghanistan have been nightmares. I just can't help but feel that hunting those roaches/fanatics/cowards (take your pick) down should remain a top priority. This isn't Viet Nam. They've been here twice and won't quit easily. They will be emboldened unless they are crushed. Some of our "friends" need a reminder of who's who as well.

My opinion.

Best regards,


God bless America.

September 12, 2007, 09:33
I was 2 ˝ months from my separation date from the ARMY. I was sleeping in on 9-11 because we were scheduled to do a night airborne operation and a 20 mile ruck followed by several days of ranges and shoot houses. This was to be my last training before I headed back to TN and went to college. I was a little pissed when the phone rang that morning around 9:00. My Dad told me to turn on the TV. He had served in Vietnam and spent over 25 years in the National Guard and he knew exactly what was going on. Things were strange up in the company AO that day. There was one small TV up at the CQ desk with rabbit ears on top. We would rotate through the front and catch glimpses of the news while we sat around wondering what was next.

Since all flights were grounded that day our jump was cancelled and our training cycle was pushed back a day. Still not really knowing what was going on or who was responsible, we went out and trained. The training this time was a little different that it had been before. Each day it became clearer that there would be a military response, and we the 75th Ranger Regiment would be part of it. That caused every one to focus more than ever before. There were no more jokes about “going to the shit” since the shit was here. The shoot house was always stressful and difficult, but fun at the same time. Just a couple of days after 9-11 the shoot house was incredibly serious, kind of like warm ups before a football game.

After the several days of training we began to pack our gear and do mission rehearsals. There was no big hurry; we had another week or two. During that time I decided that I better reenlist to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Early in October we headed for the Middle East. On October 19, 2001 my company jumped into a dessert landing strip outside of Kandahar. Little did we know what the next several years had in store for us

September 12, 2007, 15:17
i just remembered that the day after, 9/12, my body was incredibly sore, like i had done a hardcore workout on every muscle group. it must have been the stress. did anyone else experience this?

September 12, 2007, 15:48
Originally posted by deerollman
i just remembered that the day after, 9/12, my body was incredibly sore, like i had done a hardcore workout on every muscle group. it must have been the stress. did anyone else experience this?

Yep, but my wife was on a plane to Chicago the morning of 9/11. Pretty stressful couple of hours.

September 12, 2007, 23:07
I was in Veronezh, Russia with a group doing missions work. We were about to take the train back to Moscow to catch a flight to Republic of Georgia when we walked down the block to the internet cafe. I checked my email and my brother, who is infamous for his 'sense of humor', emailed that a plane hit the tower and another hit the pentagon. I replied 'Ha Ha. Very funny." and walked back to the hotel. It didn't even cross my mind to check the news web sites.

When we got back on our floor in the hotel the maids came running from their rooms (it seems they lived on each floor) shouting "Americans, Americans! Come!". We walked in to their room about 30 seconds before the first tower collapsed.

From there we had to go straight to the train station and board the 16 hour overnight train to Moscow. Our Russian friends, some of whom had been very quiet and reserved (as most Russians are in public) for the entire trip openly wept for us while we waited for the train to leave.

One of our interpreters had a small walkman and was giving us updates. About 20 minutes out of the train station we went out of radio range. The last message was both towers are gone, the pentagon was hit, one just crashed "outside of the whitehouse" and 11 more planes were un-accounted for. Needless to say that was the longest 16 hours of my life waiting to reach Moscow in the morning for the update.

By the next morning Russia had shut down their airspace and we were essentially trapped. We had some extra time on our visas because we were scheduled to fly back into Russia after Georgia, otherwise the situation could have gotten sticky. I cannot begin to describe how frustrating it was only having Russian and Italian news channels in the hotel, not being able to speak either.

After several days in Moscow we managed to get flights to London where we stayed with friends of one of our team member's brother and his church.

He is a pilot for BA, and after another week in London he managed to get us all on a flight to the US as "family members" when there were absolutely no flights to be had for weeks to come.

September 13, 2007, 10:30
I know the thread is "where were you" but,
I will skip it we all have our stories,

forward to 9/11/07 , driving my boys to school listening to radio and one asks about it (9/11/01). They were 1yr and the other a few months old.

So I turn off the radio and start explining what happened, we had never dicussed it before, all the sudden I'm going through it all again the fear , getting that sick lump in my gut and then the anger, WTF, I had to catch my self. I looked at the younger one , he looked worried. So I told him "don't worry , you are safe and it won't happen again " though I don't really belive it. " because people like your uncle ( ARMY) are chasing the bad guys that caused it"

first time in 6 years it has bothered me to talk about it, guess as a parent you just want the future to stay sunny.

Regards, Jgr