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Buddy Lee
February 20, 2007, 15:43
VERY good possibility that my company will move me to a project in St. Pete, FL in the next 6 weeks or so. So, if anyone has information on:

1. Housing costs for a single male.
2. Locations for living (i.e. Good neighborhoods and places to avoid).
3. Cost of living.
4. Crime problems.
5. Gun Ranges, stores, and 2A friendliness (Okay. This should probably be first.)
6. Things to do.
7. Single female situation (Wait. On second thought. This should be first.)
8. Any other information that is useful.

Buddy Lee

February 20, 2007, 16:32
Heavens waiting room……

February 20, 2007, 19:29
Then that fits #7, as there are alot of widows there.

February 20, 2007, 20:03
I spent the summer there with my day way back when. What I remember most is there was a rain shower every afternoon for 10 or 15 minutes. Then the sun came back out and the humidity went through the roof.

February 20, 2007, 22:10
I'll give what help I can;

1. Housing is way up there (insurance and taxes, although it seems your stay will be temporary). Pinellas county is very congested.
2. Clearwater is just north of St. Pete and for the most part is fairly nice. Alot of good apartments in the area have gone condo. I have some freinds that live on north 4th st around Gandy Blvd. They like them.
3.If I recall correctly, one of the aformentioned friends is paying $700.00/month for his apartment.
4. There has been a bit of an exoudus from south St. Pete due to crime issues.
5. There are few decent stores. One indoor range that allows rifles that is quite pricey (nice facility though when they can keep the rifle lanes running). The only outdoor range in the county in "load on shot at a time" for centerfire rifles (they almost got sued out of existance almost 20 years ago and are a bit paranoid now). Old pistol range on 13th ave north. Been going there since I was a pup.
6. I hope you like the beach
7.I'm married and don't have to look. My brother is single though so I help him look :biggrin:
8. I'd go over the bridge to Tampa for nightlife on the weekend. In my youth Ybor city was cool.
8a. Don't speed in Kenneth City or Gulfport. It is rumored that Kenneth City built its City Hall off of speeding tickets.

I'm sure that someone will come along with some great resources for you. Welcome in advance!

February 21, 2007, 03:18
I've been in Tampa for a month, and I should be here for another three with work assuming they don't send me "elsewhere."

That being said, I like the area a lot. There are two indoor shooting places I've found within 30 minutes of my place, one in Tampa on Dale Mabry (Shooting Sports I think) and Knights over in Clearwater/St Pete area, not sure which. Very nice indoor range, $10-ish if you're LEO or military.

Where are you moving from now? It will have a BIG impact on how you'd like it. If you say West Virginia, then it's a hell of a lot different. If you say San Diego, then maybe it's not so different.

My rent's paid for, sorry, can't help you there.

The one gun show I went to out here a few weeks ago was better than the last few I've been to out west, fewer nesting dolls/crystal/beef jerky salesmen.

Lots of pretty women, and some good nightlife. But, be careful - at our inbrief here they told us that this city's women aren't the cleanest. Couldn't (and won't) prove it by me, but it was enough to raise some eyebrows.

Nice place overall, I like it here. Hope this helps.

February 21, 2007, 13:09
Well i have grown up here. The traffic sucks we are the most densly populated county in the state. There is one indoor range in Pinellas county and one out door range that will allow rifles there are two other but they are pistol only. The weather here is general pleasent except for the middle of summer then it is hot and humid. If you are into fishing it is very good around here both fresh and salt water. The night life isnt bad but you will need to cross the bridge to Tampa for the better clubs. The cost of living is kind of hight unless you are comming from New York or Kalifornia. Home owners insurance in the state is crazy but if you get into a town home or condo you will not need to worry about that just stay out of South side St. Pete and you will do fine.