View Full Version : Cummins4x4: A message from him and his wife

April 21, 2006, 21:28
While still not online (his son has been keeping the marketplace threads running), Jerry and his wife have a message for me to relay.

They wish to thank everyone with the greatest appreciation for all the calls, letters, cards, prayers, and well-wishes. The outpouring of concern has really touched them deeply during these difficult times.

I was lucky enough to be in his part of the state today, and had to stop by to see how my old friend was doing. It did the heart good to see the rapid improvement and progress he has made and the rock-solid support he has with family beside him. It won't be too much longer before he is back here, going full-steam ahead! I feel blessed just knowing him and his family. Truly, truly, people of great faith, strength, and love.

Meanwhile, you folks go take a look at his ads in the marketplace. I took a gander at some of the "cool" toys, parts, and misc. in person and you don't know what your missing. :biggrin:

April 21, 2006, 22:05
'Tude, thanks for the update! I need to clean my desk and find his numbers and give our ole friend a call. It would be hard to find a nicer guy then Jerry!!:bow:

FAL guy
April 22, 2006, 06:15
That is excellent news. Jerry is an excellent vendor here, and a good guy to deal with.

April 22, 2006, 07:39
I've only had one dealing with Jerry but could tell that he appears to be a great guy. I wish him a speedy recovery.


April 22, 2006, 12:14
Thanks for the update...

Jerry is one great guy, and I'm happy to hear that things are swinging his way...