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September 05, 2005, 00:55
I recently picked up a Gerber legend 800 multitool. I'm convinced it is THE superior multitool to be had. The main reason I picked that one is that I always wear out the wire-cutter portion of the pliers cutting baling wire or what not. These have indexable and replaceable carbide cutters That have yet to meet their match. I use it daily in my line of work. (heavy equipment rental) The steel used in the tools is fantastic, I use and abuse this thing and there's not a scratch on it. (exc for the alum handles of course)

The only tool in this thing I haven't used is the saw. The 800 uses common jigsaw blades for its saw, so you can switch to the blade you need. It comes with a "RemGrit" blade installed. The writing on the blade uses the same font as Remington Arms, so I think its either manufactured or licensed through them. Its a steel jigsaw blade with a bead of abrasive along the cutting edge instead of cutting teeth. What the heck is it used for? Plastic? Metal? If I don't find out I'll probably switch to a fine toothed metal cutting blade for all around work.

September 05, 2005, 01:12
The RemGrit blades will cut glass or hardened steel. Supposedly anyway. Don't remember what else they are supposed to cut. I never had any luck with them.