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April 05, 2002, 21:41
Anyone make a FAL Supressor? Specifically for a Belgian 50.00?


April 05, 2002, 22:39
The best suppressor design for a FAL I have ever seen is the Reflex Suppressor made in Finland.


AD70 1XX
April 05, 2002, 22:41
I don't know anyone who markets a suppressor specifically for the FAL. There are several that would probably work well. If you want to suppress a semi 7.62x51, the FAL would be a good choice since it has the ability to cut off the gas system in the grenade position.

April 05, 2002, 23:52
Grail -

Thank you for your post.

Do you think that there is a difffernce between the metric and inch?


April 06, 2002, 00:10
I think the Reflex is a dead end for you. From their website,...

"Residents in the US: Sound suppressors are practically impossible to import due to U.S. customs regulations. For availability of domestic suppressors please contact Mark White of Sound Tech."

My understanding is that suppressors are not importable for civilian sales. They're treated the same as post-sample MGs. There was someone attempting to put together a deal for licensed US production, but last I heard that died for some reason or other. From what I've seen of the Reflex, it's a very simple design and doesn't even compare to cans built here in the US. I think that's why the US production didn't go anywhere. I'd recommend going to Mike Klos at American Manufacturing for an FAL suppressor. I know he makes them and I've been real happy with the .223 M16 suppressors I have of his. Tough as nails, well made, and very inexpensive.

April 06, 2002, 05:16
I remember seeing an article a very long time ago in one of the 70's-80's survivalist magazines about suppressors being made using copper wire "donuts". Supposedly this design worked on everything. Of course the sound barrier crack can't be gotten rid of, but supposedly the suppressor worked so well that even a .50 caliber would be suppressed. Not quite, but hard to tell which direction it came from.

I believe the "donuts" were made like wire mesh pads only round and with appropriate caliber hole in the center. Then the donuts were packed into a tube. Article said this design was far superior to baffling, and that the sound waves bouncing off the wires cancelled each other out.

Anyone else remember seeing this article or know something about this design? It's getting to were you may have to have a suppressor around here! County has sound ordinance! So on your own land you can not legally shoot a gun at all except during permitted times. That sucks! Was put in place to prevent contractors starting work in the wee hours of the morning. Majority wins.

April 06, 2002, 12:51
Those wire mesh donut designs came from a fellow by the name of Don Walsh dba *Larand* suppressors. Cobray soon "borrowed" the concept for their H.E. suppressors used on .22 rimfire weapons. The problem is that the wires, in time, obstruct the bullet path w/ consequential loss of accuracy & endcap strikes. I would stick to patterns similar to what AWC & Gemtech are currently using.

April 06, 2002, 13:15
Had a BR-TX8 in my L1A1 - super super.
Suppose that they make ones specific to L1A1 and FAL. Importation to US is another matter though. (impossible?)
L1A1 - right hand thread, FAL left hand.


May 01, 2002, 10:45

anyone got any additional info?