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May 11, 2001, 22:16
I've got 3 StG58's that have the DSA trigger kits in them. After taking them out to test, when I got home to clean them I noticed that the DSA hammers on all 3 guns have made marks on the trigger spring plunger housing. I called DSA about this & the person @ DSA told me this is normal & no big deal.
This bothers me.. Am I being petty or is DSA full of it?
mike :confused:

May 11, 2001, 22:53
on the top? or the left side? If the top, I dunno. Probably okay. If the L side, a slight relief of the inside L radius should end it. Maybe just breaking the edge.

May 11, 2001, 23:06
On top on 1 & @ 11 thru 1 0'clock on the second one but on the third one it is all the way around it.

May 13, 2001, 16:35

New Shot
May 14, 2001, 14:11
I had the same thing happen. Here's a pic:


May 14, 2001, 14:22

May 14, 2001, 14:30
Methinks if the mark is all the way around the cylinder, the hammer is striking the cylinder somewhere off TDC, thereby causing the cylinder to rotate on each incident of contact. Enough whacks should make a ring-round the cylinder. A little dremelation of the hammer should mitigate it.

New Shot
May 14, 2001, 14:56
The mark is not all the way around the cylinder. It ends right where it looks like it would in the pic. It goes about 1/3rd the way around.