View Full Version : "Big 5" Mosin 91/30 question

November 26, 2001, 15:16
Browsing the local Big 5 store today and came across a decent looking M91/30. All matching, too, which is unusual for Big 5. However, upon checking the bore, I couldn't see any daylight at all through it. Didn't have a cleaning rod handy to poke it with either. In everyone's experience, is this grease, caked rust, or some other obstruction? Thinking about picking it up but I can't make it back there for a while.

November 26, 2001, 15:34
i got a 91/30, not from that store, had TONS of Grease packed into the bore, mostly all near the receiver

November 26, 2001, 16:04
Take a cleaning rod with you and go back. It is probably grease/cosmoline, but I have a friend who once bought an old military rifle that had a slug stuck in the barrel. I figure it was from firing a round with weak, old or insufficient powder. It was a bitch to get the slug out!

Quake Guy
November 27, 2001, 09:24
Could be either. Bring a cleaning kit. I bought a nice M48 and that crapped in the barrel thinking all M48's had cherry bores.

I cleaned it out and boy was I wrong.

With Nagants, assume the barrel is crap until you clean it out yourself.

Of course for $49, if it is all matching, I would be very lenient on what is an acceptable barrel.