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May 10, 2004, 14:05
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Seeing how I'm not going to be doing any shooting or much reloading for many months, I've decided to go ahead and get my amateur radio Technician Class licence. I'll have plenty of time now to study for the test.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good starter radio and antenna? I won't be climbing any ladders for a while, so antenna needs to be something friends and my teenage boys can install.

Thanks in advace. HW

May 10, 2004, 17:02
As a Tech, you would want a decent 2-meter rig. A mobile unit can be used at home with a power supply, and can also be used in the car with a suitable antenna. I use an Alinco, but there are a lot of good ones. A vertical, preferably 1/5 or 1/4 wave is good for use at home, and easy to mount.
I you are to use a hand-held, get one with 2 meters and 420 Mhz on it. There are a lot of good ones. 220 Mhz is pretty much a dead issue where I live.
If you can, learn and pass the 5 wpm code test; that will give you access to the old Novice bands. But, you will need an HF transceiver, of which there are plenty of used ones on E-bay, or at a ham meet.


May 10, 2004, 18:29
Take a gander at:


Get on their mailing list for catalog. Lots of options out there. Be sure to get Gordon West's study guide.

Da Nerd
May 10, 2004, 20:10
Check your area and see what they are using around there. May not even be any hams to talk to there.

May 10, 2004, 20:43
There are a number of very good internet sites dedicated to amateur radio. Check these out:

www.arrl.org (http://www.arrl.org)

www.eham.net (http://www.eham.net)

www.ac6v.com (http://www.ac6v.com)

Also, for equipment, check out eBay. You can often find a good bargain there.



John Culver
May 10, 2004, 20:47
I like Icoms my self. Best Mobile is the 706 (kinda spendy though)

Also have a couple old Yaesu 2400/2500 mobiles...very cheap now but they are tough.

May 10, 2004, 20:57
you can get a 5/8 wave 2 meter magnetic mount antenna , and put it on a steel cookie sheet and put that out on your porch.. works fine..
also 2 meter beams dont weight very much at all , i used a section of top rail from a chain link fence ,tied it to the rail on my deck and turned it by hand (armstrong rotor )

just get a book , gordon west books are good ,
study just the question and the right answer
once you pass your test and are using your radio you will
figure out what is worth learning.. thats what refrence books are for ..

May 10, 2004, 21:01
on line repeater book , you can see how many repeaters are near you..

May 10, 2004, 22:13
Look into an Alinco DR-605T. I have one it is a good dual-band (2-meter, 440Mhz) transceiver with the ability to cross-band repeat. It makes an excellent mobile rig in an auto and you can use the cross-band repeat with an inexpensive ham 'walkie-talkie' (HT) when on foot and still utilize the radio in your car to 'boost' the signal. Used ones can be found on eBay for well under $300. Other radios with this feature will cost you hundreds more. It is a good solid rig that will last you and comes with many useful features.

Jim :fal: FALunga

May 12, 2004, 14:42
What better time to learn about wrong hand shooting? A nice little .22 autoloader and a couple of family members to keep the mags loaded :)