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April 14, 2004, 00:43
I also posted this to the TX-FNFAL mailing list:

I'm not sure how many other folks on this list live in the Austin area, but Ive
got some troubling news about Hill Country Rifle Range out near Dripping
Springs about 20 miles from Austin. It seems that a couple weeks ago, the
owner Richard was told that the boundary to his land was incorrect, and that
the 400 yard rifle range that he's been operating for well over 20 years lies
halfway into his neighbors property. This is the last 200 yards of the range,
where all of the steel silhouette targets are if youre familiar with the range.

Well, normally Richard would fight this kind of thing, but, well, if you know
Richard at all you know he's a bit of a conspiracy nut who is convinced we are
all living in the "End Times". It seems this land thing came at the very wrong
time since Richard is convinced that the end of the world is starting near the
end of this month. Now Richard has thought this before many times in the past
and its all blown over and everything goes back to normal...he sounds kinda
kooky, but its mostly harmless and everyone gets a kick out of listening to him
rant. The range stays open and everyone is great. Well, this time Richard
thinks that since the world is ending its not worth fighting for his rifle
range...so no 400 yard rifle range and no steel to shoot. Hes already taken
down the steel past the 200 yard berm. I'm not the kind of shooter who likes
to put holes in paper, so the range is now completely useless to me.

I dont know if Richard can work this one out...it may be the end of the range
since most of the non-IPSC/IDPA folks come there for the best outdoor rifle
range for hundreds of miles...hes also the only one who will allow machineguns,
50 cals and even mortars out on the range. Now it seems his quaint little
conspiracy nutjobbery might cost him the range and my only place to shoot apart from overpriced slowfire holepusher Bubba ranges (some event wont allow FMJ!).

Anyone else in the know about this? You think Richard or some of the other
more vocal/influential shooters might actually fight to get Richard his rifle
range back once Richard figures out the world isnt going to fall apart on April
19? I mean surely his neighbor cant want that big berm full of 25 years worth
of lead...unless hes doing this specifically to try and shut down the
range...which would be patently evil. Are there any alternative ranges with
steel targets at 100 yards or more anywhere within 100 miles of Austin? Or
should I just start looking for a piece of land to call my own way out in the
boonies so I can do my own shooting without worrying about this kind of crap

April 14, 2004, 08:16
Tell you friend to see a lawyer and to ask him about adverse possession.


Scott S
April 14, 2004, 10:50
I've been to the HCRR only once, and that several years ago, but I'm sorry to hear the news. So who told Richard that his range encroached on the neighbor's land? The neighbor? Tax assessor? Do surveys support the claim? I'd certainly be wary of the motives of neighbors. You might recall that about 6 years ago the Eagle Peak range up in Leander, owned by Jim and Dee Day, shut down for about a year under a court restraining order while they litigated a noise lawsuit with neighbors. IIRC, the noise lawsuit wasn't really the issue; the neighbors wanted the land on which the range sat so they could sell it for development or whatever. Without legal representation, Richard might have a tough battle. If you can't convince Richard to retain a lawyer or he can't afford one, I'm not sure what to tell ya. I have no connections in Austin, but my father-in-law is a friend of/with Albert Ross. I don't know if Albert would be willing to get involved, but I could ask my F-i-L to ask Albert where to start. Might call the TSRA and ask them for direction.

I know of no other range options in Austin. Only paper at Eagle Peak and the Austin Skeet Range out on 290 East. There's Tony's gun range up 183 past Leander and Cedar Park, but I haven't been there and know virtually nothing about it. I hear Tiger Valley in Waco is an outstanding range with distances out to 1000, but I don't know if they have steel, either.

Please let us know what you hear.