View Full Version : good compressor for airbrush?

April 05, 2004, 21:01
im sick of buying can after can of air, so i wanna get a compressor. probelm is i dont know what to get.

i found this one on ebay:

is this a good one? id like to hear your suggestions. oh and it should be realitivly inexpensive, since i wont use for much of anything else except maybe pump up the car tires once in a while.


April 05, 2004, 21:17
One fundamental decision, are you going to go with HVLP (high volume, Low Pressure) or conventional. Everybody's going with HVLP these days. Why? Although expensive to purchase new, they don't waste a lot of paint and don't require as much of a clean environment (spray booths are nice but not necessary).

If you're going with a conventional air system, you want a big capacity tank, 20 gallons - cleaner more consistent delivery of air. You're also going to need filters to remove contaminents (sp?) and water. Go to Sears, price out the 2 HP and shop.

I guess a question unanswered (kind of essential) what are you going to use it for. Be realistic.

April 05, 2004, 21:24
just using it for some gunkoting.

im just an aspiring WECSOG'er building a couple of kits. it dosent need to be anything fancy, just enough to get the job done.

April 05, 2004, 21:40
Davidp14...try to find an adapter
to go from the hose to a valve stem,
then you can just use an inflated tire
as an air source....worked for me til I
found a compressor. Adapter came with
my Badger airbrush......twenty-odd years

April 05, 2004, 21:51
somebody told me the tire trick. where would i get an adapter? and what kind of compressor did you end up getting?

2 clicks low
April 05, 2004, 21:59
I use a badger compressor. Check for what is the best price I just pull up the first site I found on google.

April 06, 2004, 21:03
For the amout you use your best bet is a Speedy Brown compressor. They do not have a tank but have a relief valve. The other option is a 5 gal air tank with a air regulator attached.

April 07, 2004, 06:05
davidp14...IF I can find the
valve stem adapter I'll let you borrow
it til you find one .Shouldn't be hard to find,
check a 'hobby' shop.Mine is in my garage...

FAL aboard!
April 08, 2004, 02:15
Davidp14, I have one of those small compressors that the hardware and tool stores are all selling, and it works great for airbrushing. It even has it's own regulator which I set to about 25 to 30 psi. These have a 2 gal. tank and they cycle off and on between 100 and 75 psi. It more than keeps up with an air brush, not too noisey for in the house and its light enough to carry to the garage for tires etc. Sold under many brand names, mine is Delta. I think its worth the 70 to 80 bucks for a portable compressor, as long as the job isnt too demanding.