View Full Version : OT- Who Has New or FTR Enfields For Sale?

December 08, 2001, 15:31
I saw FTR or something Savage or other U.S.-built .303 Enfield Mk4 No.1 rifles for slae recently for under $250.00. They were a large dealer and I saw the ad in SGN or somewhere about a month ago. Can't find it now. Any ideas?

December 08, 2001, 17:36
Try Navy Arms, Military surplus division. Just punch Navy Arms into your search engine.
They probably have the best availability of anyone for SMLE's. They are all keepers.

December 08, 2001, 18:40
I think the ad you saw was for SOG. They advertised them in their monthly circulars for several months. I noticed the last one didn't have them in it anymore. Too bad because I had been wanting one but just never did have the money.


December 08, 2001, 19:23
I bought mine here http://www.bdlltd.com/
Brian specializes in Enfield rifles.

Good luck and as always you often do get what you pay for.

Gary :)

December 08, 2001, 19:41
I've never dealt with Brian myself, but he is highly recommended on the Enfield board I go to.

December 09, 2001, 14:32
Originally posted by recce:
<STRONG>I've never dealt with Brian myself, but he is highly recommended on the Enfield board I go to.</STRONG>

Where is the Enfield board? I'd like to go there.



December 09, 2001, 15:23
Brian lives about 45 minutes away, if only 20 miles as the crow flies, from me.

He is an Importer, and has some CHERRY Enfields of all sizes & types.

BDL Ltd (http://www.bdlltd.com) should get you there.

Brian is knowledgable, also knows FAL/L1A1 stuff, and a nice guy. Former 82d AA guy, too!

December 09, 2001, 17:12
Brian's for sale page is Enfield heaven!!!

December 09, 2001, 17:40

Its at www.gunandknife.com (http://www.gunandknife.com)

Full of friendly people with lots of enfield knowledge. You have to register to post.