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Replacing Century Thumbhole Stock

Trying to replace a Century Thumbhole stock on an L1A1. My question is, does the L1A1 use a pistol grip stud like a metric receiver or is there some other type of hardware used. I want to order everything I need, so is there any other missing hardware that the thumbhole stock installation would have left out?



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The studs were usually ground off the (mostly Inch) lowers when thumbholes were mounted. GunThings had replacement studs. Most of the usual vendors have used lowers if you want to just replace it. Used lowers used to sell for around $10 but I think they have doubled in price by now. There are some unissued Inch lowers around too. Dealers Warehouse was advertising them for about $ 40. I think you are going to need a few small parts as well unless you bought a COMPLETE Inch pistol grip(assuming it's Inch you need).
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Alaska Aviator,

Besides the pistol grip bushing/stud, you'll also need to replace the trigger plunger, the plunger plate and the plunger spring. Century grinds the little tab off of the plate to make it fit the thumbhole stock. That makes it pretty much useless unless you're handy with a welder. They also cut the plunger to make it fit. The spring will either be an original that's been cut as well or a replacement that's way too stiff. I bought a set of FSE made hammer, trigger and sear for my inch redo. Zero problems! HTH

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