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Top things to check on a PAC Austrian/Imbel FAL?

I'm a new poster, but I've been reading for a while.

Soon I will be having a recently purchased FAL (Austrian parts on a PAC-stamped Imbel receiver) shipped to my local toy store.

Since I'll be there already, I plan on having the in-house gunsmith check the headspacing for me. While I'm there, are there any other important things to check out before the first trip to the range?

I've read some instances of folks with barrel timing issues, which sometimes(?) goes hand in hand with a canted gas tube - I'll keep those in mind. I've seen the fix for ejecting battered brass, but I think thats something that I might actually be able to manage myself with moderate blood loss.

If the feed ramp hasn't been polished previously, is this a good time to have it done, or should I wait to see how it functions?

Thanks in advance,

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I always take new guns apart for inspection, during this time I clean and properly lube them for use.. I also inspect things like the springs, and I disassemble the bolt to make sure the extractor spring is clean and the F/P and spring are in good shape..
Do the drop test with the Gas Piston, if it alls free your timing is prolly pretty close.. Also take note of the rear sights position, if the gun was fired before and the sights are not pushed all the way over to one side or the other this "may" indicate proper timing as well assuming of course they were not centered before the sale??

Having the H/S checked is a very good idea and other then that buy mags and ammo..
Shoot and enjoy....

BTW, not throwing stones with this comment but it might be a good idea to make sure your G/Smith is familiar with the FAL.. Not questioning his competence but he may not be and they are a diff animal from many other rifles..

The IMBEL receivers are very good so as far as polishing, I would shoot the gun first..
Personally I like to polish the feed ramps and the rails but my opinions are not shared by all..
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