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Question FN-49 parts kit

I bought one of the Egyptian FN-49 parts kits from So far everything seems ok. I paid extra for hand select and didn't like the barrel so they replaced it. The stock does not have the indents like I have been seeing on all of the other FN-49's and the trigger assembly has a pretty big gap around it as it sits in the stock.

I should have checked here first, but has anyone delt with hunters lodge before and what is your impression.

Their communication isn't the greatest and I'm not sure if I will deal with them again. We will see once all of my parts come in.
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You should perform a search on Hunters Lodge and read-up on what experience the board members have had with this outfit. Also, there have been a number of posts on this over at Parallax and at Gunboards.

In general, though, most comments will range from neutral to negative. As far as the parts kits go . . . most people end up spending about the same amount of money (or more) to put one of these "kits" together as they would to just buy a complete rifle ready to shoot (depending on how many parts are missing in the "kit" and if you decide to do any refinishing.

The gap around your trigger guard is most likely caused by fitting an 8mm trigger guard assembly into a 30-06 stock. There are actually 4 diffferent FN-49 trigger guard assemblies with two different inletting requirements and about 7 different FN-49 stocks (when you could the differences related to the tg inletting, crossbolt or no, and buttplate differences) but in general, the usual combination that you see on these HLC kits is the 8mm trigger guard in the 30-06 stock and the stock will have a crossbolt that will need to be partially removed internally for the 8mm receiver to fit.

I'm not sure that I understand what you mean by not having the "indents" in the stock. If you mean it doesn't have the handgrip grooves up in the forearm then I've never seen that either.

If you haven't yet, perhaps you'd like to contribute to my FN-49 survey. It's runnig on this board at:


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Old August 05, 2002, 04:54   #3
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I picked up one of their kits a couple of months ago. I paid for the handselect and the complete trigger as well. What parts I did get was in good condition. I was missing a lot of pieces and they quoted me another $200 + for the rest. I ended up finding most of the pieces elsewhere for WAAAAAAAY less.

I did just discover that my magazine is missing a tab and the trigger guard is missing the complete bolt stop assembly. I just spoke to Peter there and he told me to send it back and he'll replace it. (Magazine that is and he'll send me a bolt stop assembly)

I also received a .30-06 stock, I picked up a .30-06 rear swivel to fit in the stock.

Overall, I would do it again, but I would do it without the funiture.
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Old August 05, 2002, 07:31   #4
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Hunter's Lodge is notorious for using the old bait and switch routine. I ordered items from them several times over the years and was badly burned each time. I will never make that mistake again. Last I heard, the Postal authorities were investigating them for fraud.
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Old August 05, 2002, 07:51   #5
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I've posted this before, but Hunter's Lodge are a bunch of crooks! A couple of years ago, I ordered two Greener-Martini actions from them. They said that they would be delivered in two weeks, and charged my credit card when the order was placed. Six weeks later, they were still quoting two weeks. I cancelled the order, and requested a refund to my credit card. Two weeks more and no refund. I finally had to threaten to contact the Tenn AG's office, and finally got my refund.

It appears from my, and others', experiences, that HLC takes orders for items that they don't yet have, then make interest off the customers money for a couple of months before they ever attempt to ship anything.

You were relatively lucky... this time.

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Old August 05, 2002, 15:23   #6
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From all the other posts I've read, I agree that I'm one of the lucky few.

I also got lucky in the fact that I was able to buy some parts off of Auction Arms from a guy who had leftover parts after he finished his Hunter's Lodge kit.

Shipping took forever. Almost a month.

I did a report on my kit at...

Here's a pic of my kit.....

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Old August 05, 2002, 22:55   #7
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When I first posted that I was in the Market for an FN-49, I forget now where I had posted. I was e-mailed by a Joel sumthing who said that Hunters Lodge had one that they were holding for him but that he did'nt have the money for( Right!). That I should call them, tell them that I wanted to buy Joel's FN-49 & they would sell it to me, hmmmm!
Well anyway, he said it was only $500 & being a cheepskate, I opted to ask here on the Files I got a nice one, right here locally for $150 less with no BS
This was one time that I did'nt get "snookered in"
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OT - but if you get the parts kit where do you get a reciever?

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Old August 07, 2002, 02:54   #9
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Originally posted by solvability
OT - but if you get the parts kit where do you get a reciever?

The receiver is included in the part kits, so you will need your FFL or C&R. It's like buying a u-fix-em from Century.
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Old August 07, 2002, 15:09   #10
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What are they going for now?

I ordered a FN49 kit from them about a year ago. It took me 6 or 7 months of repeatedly calling and harrassing them to get the parts that were missing and replace the worn or damaged parts (including the barreled receiver three times, the bolt once and assorted other parts) since I paid for "hand select" parts. The "hand select" barrel/receiver I ended up with has maybe 60% of the original finish left although the bore looks good. I got a brand new barrel from Century Arms for $10.00 a while back when they had them on sale. The stock and bolt are both from a 30.06 which are not correct but will work although I have to mill the cross bolt down to clear the receiver. The swivels I received don't appear to be from any FN49 variation. They don't fit the dimensions for any that I've seen documented anywhere. I did eventually get all the parts or, at least, all the parts were represented (not all of them were correct). All in all, I would never get another one of these kits from them. If you've already ordered it, and you're not missing any parts, you got lucky. If you are missing parts, I'd return it, cut your losses and buy a complete rifle. Everything will match and be correct and you won't have to go through the headache of dealing with HLC for 6 months to end up with a mismatched beater.

I got one of their Mexican Mauser 1910s as well, supposedly missing only the bolt (that's what they said when I got mine, now they say "...and other parts"). It was basically a stripped, barreled receiver in a beat-up stock.
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Old August 07, 2002, 18:49   #11
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I'm not defending them, but before I ordered I invested in a few phone calls to them. They warned me that the kits would not be complete, that I will be getting a .30-06 stock that needs the crossbolt removed or grinded down. They told me that the what the hand select would entail.

I probably spent another 100.00 in additional parts, which is about the same as an average completed FN49. I did learn a lot about this weapon.

Would I do this again from them, maybe. But I would not order the furniture.

The only thing I didn't like was that it took about a month to get it.

Here is a picture of it, in it's current condition...

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