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Reattaching Stair Nose???

I had laminate put on the stairs of the house about 6 months ago. A couple of the noses have gotten loose. It appears that the glue didn't really do the job with people stomping on them. as when I pulled one up the glue just flaked off from the riser and the nose. The little nails look like a T at the head. I'm going to rework a couple of the noses.

Should I buy a little nailer? Or just try to hammer them in? Those little T nails were installed using a gun. As far a glue, I'm seeing a site recommend the PL Premium PU cement.

You guys have any experience with this? TIA
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Been 25+ yrs since I did that kind of stuff,,so my tech on it is pretty oldschool.
Back then it was contact cement for the riser & tread...Scuff well and clean w acetone, 2 coats cement, apply and roll well with steel roller...never had one come loose..
Bull noses always went on nailed by hand with special button head type spiral shank nails..

Re-installing a nail back into the same hole it came out of is a nogo,,,so new nail locations or new bull nose pieces are needed.
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Pull the nails and use long deck screws in the holes

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Originally Posted by MK ULTRA View Post
Pull the nails and use long deck screws in the holes
This, and- Drill countersunk holes for the screws and use wood plugs to conceal them. Bonus points if you buy the wood plugs in the correct grain orientation (or make them with the appropriate tool).
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polyurethane glue/ construction adhesive should be what's used for a laminate stairnose- not a lot of structure to them for nails, they were probably nailed just to clamp in place for the glue to set.

There are stair treads made to match various patterns of laminate out there (cap a tread etc) to avoid having to use separate moldings on stairs
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My dyslexia kicked in and I thought your were asking about reattaching nose hair.
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