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What's the current wait time for a suppressor?

Family member is supposed to be getting one, and the wait time is different every time I ask him.

Figured I'd ask people who really know about this stuff.
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I think times are coming down but people are still waiting 8 or 9 months last I heard.
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Find a dealer who's doing the online/barcoded form 4s. They are taking 4-6 months instead of 8-12. Something about the payment is processed at one place and the background check/paperwork at somewhere else but it goes faster since it's done on-line and eliminates the paper shuffle between the 2 locations. That's what I remember how the class 3 explained it. Hopefully I'll know in April.......
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I went through a Silencer Shop affiliate for 3 suppressors, all automated on-line. It has been about 3 months. They are telling me they are starting to get some approved F4's back in about 6 months. I just had 2 F1's approved at about the 6 month period as well.

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While ATF was saying up to 18 months around Thanksgiving, many of the ones my LGS sold are now coming in under a year wait. And the times seems to be getting shorter.
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