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Bedside Pistol Safe

What works, what doesn't? Purpose is to keep pistol safe from my kids. Don't care so much that it be able to resist forced entry, or theft of entire safe. Needs to be reliable to open, of course.

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The Colonel 1C16:13
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For a similar purpose, I bought a couple of combination lock boxes made to hang fleet keys. These came from Harbor Freight for something under $20. The rows of racks to hold keys were just sheet metal, which I just hammered flat, then lined the box with a carpet remnant. The combination is programmable so you can make it simple and quick to open, but still keep things "out of sight" and inaccessible from kids and visitors. These are cheap sheet metal construction and certainly not secure from theft, but they do serve this purpose well IMHO.

The one pictured is by the door leading to our attached garage which is the primary entryway we use.

The other one is inside the door of the walk-in closets in our upstairs bedroom.

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Timber Wolf
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I have a larger version (two shelves) of this one: It works well in the nightstand to keep prying small hands at bay.
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I have the push button gunvault. Best part is it beeps when you push the keys, so you know when the kids are playing with it. It also has a backup key. I have had mine for over 10 years with zero issues. Just remember to bolt it to a stud with lag bolts and washers.
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