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Capt D
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Operator Suppressor Systems (OSS)

I hadn't really posted much outside of the Marketplace and the occasional FN and L1A1 forums, so I'm gonna venture out from under my rock a bit and tell about my experience with a relatively new kid on the suppressor block. Has anyone heard about OSS out of Utah? Well, I learned of them through Desert Tech (also in Utah, visited their facility and own their SRS in .338LM) and was intrigued by their ethos, design, and aesthetics. What really got me was the claim they made about the effect on semi-auto weapon operation. That's what I'm here to briefly discuss.

Now, I won't go into specifics on design, claims, etc because anyone can looking that up on their website What I will tell yo of is my experience with my three OSS cans. This will make more sense if you're familiar with the OSS design, but I will say they are different from literally ANY other suppressor available. You know those baffles that blow gas back into your weapon's guts (as well as your face)? That issue is non-existent, proven with all three of my 'flush-mount' supps (5.56, .308, and .338). That extra BCG velocity is non-existent also, and because there are no trapped gasses, the heat buildup is reduced many-fold.

Okay, so how quiet is it? I'd put sound and signature reduction on par with ANY of the best baffle-type suppressors on the market. Completely hearing safe, up to--and including--.338LM with a 26" barrel. The .308 can is even hearing safe for a .300WM, while the 5.56 and .308 ones are rated for use on a crew-serve weapon for extended strings. I've used the 5.56 on a Tavor (see photo) and the .308 and .338 ones both on an AR-308 (still waiting on the muzzle device for the .338). Bystanders even commented on how quiet these were. My SOT guy was with me and he even voiced a tinge of envy, when comparing the OSS EL-5.56 (6.8" OAL) suppression with that of one of his (cannot recall branding). All in all, I'm extremely pleased, and have become a true believer in what some may have rolled their eyes at a few years ago.

My parting though will be that of price. Looking at the pricing on their website, one may be immediately turned off (EL-5.56 MSRP = ~$1,500). I'm not being paid by OSS for any of this, not even a high-five...I just really like my cans. So, I wanted to mention the OSS PASS program that gives roughly 50% off MSRP to active mil, vets, and LEO. I'm sorry I don't have such news for the masses, but I just wanted to pass (pun intended) the word along. To fans of the FAL, this design means no requirement to altar a gas plug...just saying. Anywho, anyone interested in exploring this PASS program, PM me, I'll point you in the right direction... Cheers all, happy Thanksgiving... -Art
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The OSS suppressors have been around for a while. They are cool to look at and I'm sure they do stuff others don't. The issue I had at the time was the cost.
I've got 3 cans for various tasks and all do a good job. For the ones where it has
to be eliminated at distance there is the MK 23 SCRC 308 M14 Can. It reduces full power 308 to 22LR. The true issue with cans is volume. You can only eliminate some much noise with a small can. The one with the most versatility
is the Specwar 7.62. My other is the Trident 9 which gets used on several rifles and handguns.
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Thanx for the review as price is not always determining factor in firearms or accessories purchases. My first Thanksgiving event yesterday was at the farm at Mom's house. Been sending my brother pictures of recent toys as released from BATFE jail, rifles built, etc. His comment on most the pistol cans was they looked way heavy and unwieldy. To date he has only fired rimfire cans and my M10 and M11's with cans.

Took a SIG 2022 Tacops in 9mm with Osprey can and SIG 1911 with Silencerco Ti-Rant 45. Handed him the 9mm with Osprey and thought it was a trick. Took can off and accused me of removing the internals and it only being the can. Screwed it back on the 2022 and ran a mag load of 147 grain Federal HST through it and he was speechless. Same with the 1911, he said entire rig was too light for its size and felt like can was hollow tube but ran a magazine of major power factor 200 grain SWC and he went and got his wife.

I do believe he is going to be in the proverbial dog house through next Christmas. I handed him one of my single stamp SBR binaries and after a few short bursts dumped the last 15 to 20 rounds of magazine with no hearing protection and was giggling like a little girl. Coyote are overtaking the farm faster than I can deal with living an hour away if no traffic. Since he is a Trustee in two of my Trusts along with nephew left a 18" 5.56 with AAC can and ATN Gen 2+ CGT night vision scope. My guess is he will be spending five to seven grand in next few months now that had time to run some modern toys and not my old stuff bought in Trust had to put in Dad's name due to age. Technology has really improved and he was thinking about the toys from the late 70's and early 80's without putting hands on any modern cans, binary and late model night vision as had loaned hI'm a Gen 1 scoped rifle last year.

Will check out the OSS as will need a heavy duty can for the binary AR10 and want something for the AC556 won't burn up can or rifle if run it in happy mode for extended periods of time.
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